MacAddict (May 1997)


Source: MacAddict – Issue Number 9 – May 1997

1997 was arguably the year Apple started to turn things around. Their marketshare had been fading for a while (not that it was every particularly high back in those days) but Steve Jobs was back. The iMac would be introduced later in the year and the PowerBook was becoming something special (if absurdly expensive).

MacAddict was an enthusiasts magazine for the Macintosh. It was more or less equivalent to something like Maximum PC today but for the Mac. The May 1997 issue includes:


  • Super-Smart Desktops – No matter whether you’re a list maker or an unstoppable slob, we can help you get your desktop under control. Find out how to organize folders and files, manage menus, create cool desktop patterns, and more.
  • ICONtemplation – Believe it or not, there is an art to making beautiful icons. Our resident iconfabulator teaches you how to add perspective, eliminate jaggies, create shadows, and more.
  • Welcome to MacAddict Lab – It’s not your everyday lab. Nope, far from it. Take a behind-the scenes peek at how we really test products.
  • Ropin’ In Extensions – Ever opened that Extensions folder in your System Folder? Scared by what you saw? It has never beene asier to take control of those extensions, thanks to our hands-on guide.
  • This Old Mac – There’s a right way to upgrade and a wrong way. We show you the right way to upgrade a Mac IIci, IIcx, and IIsi.

How To

  • Use MacBug – Learn eight things you can do with this underused utility, including recover from crashes, discover the meaning of error messages, and salvage files.
  • Put Up a Web Page Fast – The clock is ticking. You’ve got less than three minutes to put up a Web page. What do you do?

Every Month

  • Editor’s Note – A warm, fuzzy missive on the most personal of computers – the Mac.
  • Letters – More madness from our readers, as well as a few sensible questions (and answers, too!).
  • Get Info – Introducing the Twentieth