Gary Johnson’s campaign picks up steam

Democrats and Republicans have their presidential candidates, but Libertarian Gary Johnson is hoping to give Americans another option.

The third party candidate is gaining momentum and only needs two more percentage points in the polls to clinch a spot in the presidential debates. Johnson would become the first third party candidate in the debates since Ross Perot in 1992.

The latest ABC News poll shows 57 percent of voters find both Trump and Clinton unfavorable. That’s how Huntsville residents Wayne and Rebecca Ginn felt.

“When I heard about Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party, I thought gosh, that is me,” Rebecca said.

It’s something the candidate himself likes to say- that many people are Libertarians and just don’t know it yet.

Joshua Tuttle is a regional representative for the Libertarian Party of Alabama. Here’s how he described the ideology: “We want to keep the Republicans out of your bedroom and the Democrats out of your wallet.”

Tuttle has been busy getting signatures for Gary Johnson. In Alabama a candidate needs 35,000 signatures to be listed on the ballot as a Libertarian. Candidates need just 5,000 to be listed as Independent. Tuttle believes Johnson will meet that requirement because his message resonates with so many.

“Gary understands what the founders meant and what the founders believed in, and that was to have small, centralized government at the state and local level,” Tuttle said.

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