X-Files star Dean Haglund brings the truth to Perth

He spent nearly 10 years helping Mulder and Scully realise the truth is out there, and now Canadian actor Dean Haglund has fuelled rumours that he’ll reprise the role that made him famous in the upcoming reboot of The X-Files.

Haglund played long-haired punk rock enthusiast Richard “Ringo” Langley – the youngest of conspiracy theorist trio The Lone Gunmen – believed to have been killed off by a deadly virus in one of the final episodes of the popular series.

But in The X-Files universe, nothing is as it seems.

Dean Haglund said he wouldn’t be surprised if The Lone Gunmen appeared in the upcoming X-Files reboot.

“Nobody ever actually dies in the sci-fi world. I think the death scene was just to give us a heroic out, as it were,” he said.

“For those reading The X-Files comic books, which [show creator] Chris Carter is co-writing and is a part of the official canon of The X-Files, we are alive. So technically we were never dead.”

The actor admitted there was “a good chance” The Lone Gunmen would appear in the new six-episode mini-series scheduled to premiere next year.

“The Gunmen were often the writers’ way of shortening the script by 10 pages by just having us say a bunch of stuff and opening the door magically,” Haglund laughed.

“I would be thrilled to be involved. It seems like all the old gang is getting together, I’m following them all on Twitter and they’re showing pictures of the old production office in Vancouver, bringing back memories.”

Source: X-Files star Dean Haglund brings the truth to Perth