Ron Paul blasts establishment in Ron Paul Channel debut

Yesterday, Ron Paul launched his new internet media outlet, the Ron Paul Channel. The fireworks began during the opening tease, with Paul claiming that President Obama “perpetuates terror while he claims to prevent it” through his use of drone strikes to combat terrorism.

Never shy of controversy, the former Congressman and Republican presidential candidate also blasted the war on drugs and the Federal Reserve.

That was all in the first minute.

The highlight of the show was even more controversial: Paul’s exclusive interview with Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald has published the series of stories on Edward Snowden’s disclosures about the domestic surveillance activities of the NSA.

Paul was openly supportive of Greenwald and Snowden, saying “I think it’s just been wonderful that we’re getting to the bottom of this” and calling Greenwald “the most important journalist in the world today.”

Greenwald indicated that more stories are coming, some refuting official responses to the initial disclosures reported already.

“Just today, we published a brand new article, just about an hour and a half ago, proving that President Obama was not telling the truth when he said that the NSA isn’t listening to the telephone calls or reading the e-mails of American citizens without warrants, because we published a document internally at the NSA that shows that they have a loophole that they think they’ve created, that allows them, when they collect foreign traffic, to search through any e-mails and telephone calls of Americans that are swept up in that data gathering, without a warrant of any kind,” said Greenwald.

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