Perhaps no man has fallen from the grace of the GOP faster than NJ Governor Chris Christie.

Tensions have been mounting between the Christie and the GOP. At this year’s CPAC Convention, which hosts some of the greatest names in the conservative party Christie was denied entrance. Christie struck a sour note with conservatives for palling up with Obama during Hurricane Sandy. The bill to send money to victims was full of pork, and republicans wanted to make sure that the money was only going to the victims- not special interests. Christie attacked them for it.chris-christie-and-obama

US senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said that Christie needed to “cool it” with the tantrums. Christie fired back and said that Paul was bringing too much pork home from Washington. Paul countered, calling Christie “The King of Bacon“. It seems the King of Bacon may have just provided warrant for Paul’s claim.

According to a report in the Asbury Park Press, a new ad campaign dubbed “Stronger Than The Storm” stars Christie and his family. The ad campaign is costing taxpayers almost $5 million. The price tag comes in $2 million higher than a bid denied by the Governor’s administration from a competing firm. The ads are part of a $25 million dollar state tourism fund given to New Jersey in the Sandy relief bill.

“The contract documents shine new light on the role Christie administration officials had in the new TV commercials, which are controversial because they give Christie more exposure during a gubernatorial election year, and also because they introduce him to voters in other states in advance of a possible 2016 presidential campaign.

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