Fed Keeps Interest Rates Low, Continues Bond Buying Program

The Federal Reserve held fast to its ultra-accommodative monetary policy Wednesday, solidified by what board members described as an economy weakened by fiscal policy.

Interest rates will remain at historically low levels while the U.S. central bank will not alter its $85 billion a month asset purchasing program, the Fed’s Open Markets Committee decided at this week’s meeting.

While recent meetings have been remarkable for signs of dissent over the long-standing Fed policy, the sentiment this month turned towards concerns about “downside risks” to growth, though the FOMC made no mention of the recent set of weak economic data.

Language in the FOMC statement after the meeting saw one notable change – a declaration that it would increase or decrease the pace of its asset purchases depending on conditions.

The committee statement passed by an 11-1 vote, with Esther L. George again dissenting over fears that massive Fed money-creation could spur inflation. The central bank’s balance sheet has ballooned to more than $3.3 trillion.

Full article: http://www.cnbc.com/id/100695681