Rand Paul Will Stall Brennan Even Without A Filibuster

Rand Paul promised to try to block John Brennan’s confirmation as CIA director, either with a filibuster or by recruiting his friends on the Senate Intelligence Committee during an interview with WABC Radio’s Aaron Klein that will air on Sunday night.

“I will do everything I can to stop him and I told him I will filibuster it,” Paul said. “Unfortunately I am not enough. You know, it takes 41. And we could not hold 41 together on the Hagel nomination. So my guess is I will not get 41.”

Paul explained his strategy for blocking Brennan via the committee vote.

“My best chance though is that I have allies in the Committee,” Paul said. “The Intelligence Committee is pretty powerful on these things. And the CIA realizes that and the president has to deal with the intelligence committee. If the Intelligence Committee will continue to object and ask my question, Brennan will not come forward. They have the power to hold his nomination. And right now, see he was supposed to be approved by the committee last Thursday and they moved it to this Tuesday. So that means that I have a very good chance the White House will be forced to respond.”

Paul is demanding answers to his questions about drone strikes within U.S. territory, and predicted that the White House would provide them on Monday.

“When John Brennan has been asked, he says that there are no geographical limitations to the use of drones strikes,” Paul said. “And so the follow up question is, obviously, does that mean even the U.S. border is not a geographical limitation?”

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