Antic: The Atari Resource, Volume 5, Issue 10, February 1987

The February 1987 issue of Antic for Atari 8-bit computers and the Atari ST

Antic was one of the two largest magazine covering Atari computers in the U.S. It was mostly an 8-bit magazine but covered the Atari ST also when it came along. The February 1987 issue includes:


  • How to Write Books with Your Atari – by David Wade, author of 15 published novels
  • The San Francisco Fogger – Rate your writing – with 8-bit or ST
  • Word Processors: 7 for the 8-bit – Finally, a real choice
  • 130XE Double Feature
  • RAM Banks on the 130XE – Access the full 128K memory
  • 130XE Slide Show – Flash 8 pictures lightning-fast
  • Electric Charlie! – Pop-up window explains error messages
  • Rebound Construction Kit – Prizes for best screens

Software Library

  • Type-In Listings Section


  • Editorial: 8-Bit “Vs.” ST?
  • Game of the Month: Quatro – Line up 4 squares before your Atari does
  • Communications: Atari’s Bulletin Board – 5 STs with hard disks, 12,000 monthly calls
  • Starting Out: New Owners Column – Lesson 11: ATASCII, PEEK and POKE
  • Users Group of the Month: WAACE – D.C.’s 1,500 Atarians

ST Resource

  • 1st Word Printer Drivers – How to make them
  • Printset – Automatic printer control codecs
  • ST Reviews
  • ST New Products
  • I/O Board
  • New Products
  • Product Reviews
  • Advertisers List
  • Shoppers Market
  • Tech Tips

…and more!