de Clare, Richard de Tonbridge FitzGilbert 1

Birth Name de Clare, Richard de Tonbridge FitzGilbert
Gender male
Age at Death 66 years


# Note:

The eldest son of Gislebert, was the founder of the House of Clare. He accompanied his kinsman, William the Conqueror, into England and participated in the spoils of conquest. He became possessed of 38 lordships in Surrey, 35 in Essex, 3 in Cambridgeshire, 95 in Suffolk, and some in Wiltshire and Devonshire. One was the manor of Westley in Suffolk (Manors of Suffolk, pages 112-113) and another was that of Clare, on the borders and in the county of Suffolk, which subsequently became his chief seat and his descendants were known as the Earls of Clare although never so created. The manor of Westley descended to Gilbert de Clare, his grandson (son of Gilbert de Clare, No. 12a), who was created by King Stephen, in 1138, Earl of Pembroke, and who married Elizabeth, sister of Waleran, Earl of Muellent, and on his death in 1149. The Earldom of Clare was created in 1138, i.e., in the reign of King Stephen, 1135-1154.

Clare is a small village in the County of Suffolk. Richard was the son of Gilbert of Tunbridge, and being the eldest son assumed the surname of Clare, Richard's second brother, nicknamed "Strongbow", being created Earl of Pembroke in the third year of King Stephen; he was sealed chevronally; the chevron on a shield is probably the earliest known representation on an English shield. Gilbert de Clare was killed at Bannockburn in 1314, and as some members of his family were in residence at Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, and he himself having expressed a wish to be buried there, he was interred in the Abbey, where his memorial may still be seen.

Richard FitzGilbert, having accompanied the Conqueror into England, participated in the spoils of conquest and obtained extensive possessions in the new and old dominions of his royal leader and kinsman. In 10873 we find him joined under the designation of Ricardus de Benefacta, with William de Warren, in the great office of Justiciary of England, with whom, in three years afterwards, he was in arms against the rebellious lords Robert de Britolio, Earl of Hereford, and Ralph Waher, or Guarder, Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk, and behaved with great gallantry. But afterwards, at the time of the General Survey, which was towards the close of William's reign, he is called Ricardus de Tonebruge, from his seat at Tonebruge (now Tunbridge) in Kent, which town and castle he obtained from the archbishop of Canterbury in lieu of the castle of Brion, at which time he enjoyed thirty-eight lordships in Surrey, thirty-five in Essex, three in Cambridgeshire, with some others in Wilts and Devon, and ninety-five in Suffolk, amongst those was Clare, whence he was occasionally styled Richard de Clare, and that place in a few years afterwards becoming the chief seat of the family, his descendants are said to have assumed thereupon the title of Earls of Clare. This great feudal lord m. Rohese, dau. of Walter Giffard, Earl of Buckingham, and had issue, Gilbert, his successor, Roger, Walter, Richard, Robert, a dau. m. to Ralph de Telgers, and a dau. mo. to Eudo Dapifer. Richard de Tonebruge, or de Clare, whose is said to have fallen in a skirmish with the Welsh, was s. by his eldest son, Gilbert de Tonebruge. [Sir Bernard Burke, Dormant and Extinct Peerages, Burke's Peerage, London, 1883, p. 118, Clare, Lords of Clare, Earls of Hertford, Earls of Gloucester]


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Descendants of Richard FITZRICHARD DE CLARE - 29 Nov 1996
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1. Richard FITZRICHARD DE CLARE died before 1090.

Richard FITZRICHARD DE CLARE and Rohese\Rohais GIFFARD had the following

+2 i. Gilbert FITZRICHARD DE CLARE Lord.



2. Gilbert FITZRICHARD DE CLARE Lord was born before 1066. He died in 1114
in or

Gilbert FITZRICHARD DE CLARE Lord and Adeliza de CLERMONT had the following

+4 i. Gilbert (1) de CLARE.
+5 ii. Richard (2) FITZGILBERT DE CLARE.




4. Gilbert (1) de CLARE died in 1147/48.

Elizabeth (Isabel) de BEAUMONT (daughter of Robert (1) de BEAUMONT 1st Earl
Leicester and ISABEL OF VERMANDOIS) was born after 1101. Gilbert (1) de
Elizabeth (Isabel) de BEAUMONT had the following children:

+6 i. Richard (1) de CLARE Strongbow.

5. Richard (2) FITZGILBERT DE CLARE died on 15 Apr 1136. He was buried in
Gloucester, England.

Richard (2) FITZGILBERT DE CLARE and Adeliz (w of R FitzGilbert) --- had
following children:

+7 i. Isabel de CONDET.
+8 ii. Roger de CLARE.



6. Richard (1) de CLARE Strongbow was born about 1130. He died about 20 Apr

Aoife (Eve) MACMURCHADA died in living 1186. Richard (1) de CLARE Strongbow
Aoife (Eve) MACMURCHADA had the following children:

+9 i. Isabel de CLARE.

7. Isabel de CONDET died in living 1166.

Hugh BARDOLF died about 1176. Isabel de CONDET and Hugh BARDOLF had the
following children:

+10 i. Juliana BARDOLF.

8. Roger de CLARE died in 1173.

Roger de CLARE and Maude ST. HILARY had the following children:

+11 i. Aveline de CLARE.
+12 ii. Richard (2) de CLARE 6th Earl of Clare, etc.



9. Isabel de CLARE died in 1220.

William MARSHAL Sir (son of John MARSHAL and Sybil de SALISBURY) was born
1146. He died on 14 May 1219 in Caversham, England. He was buried in Temple
Church, London, England. Isabel de CLARE and William MARSHAL Sir had the
following children:

+14 ii. Isabel MARSHAL.

10. Juliana BARDOLF died before 1220.

Nicholas (1) de POYNTZ died before 2 Nov 1223. Juliana BARDOLF and Nicholas
(1) de
POYNTZ had the following children:

+15 i. Hugh (1) de POYNTZ.

11. Aveline de CLARE died before 1225.

Geoffrey FITZPETER Earl of Essex died on 14 Oct 1213. He was buried in




Priory. Aveline de CLARE and Geoffrey FITZPETER Earl of Essex had the

+16 i. Hawise FITZPETER.

12. Richard (2) de CLARE 6th Earl of Clare, etc died about 28 Nov 1217.

(d of Wm FitzRobert) AMICE Countess of Gloucester (daughter of William
FITZROBERT 2nd Earl of Gloucester and Hawise de BEAUMONT) died on 1 Jan




Richard (2) de CLARE 6th Earl of Clare, etc and (d of Wm FitzRobert) AMICE
of Gloucester had the following children:

+17 i. Gilbert (2) de CLARE 7th Earl of Clare, etc.

Descendants of Richard FITZRICHARD DE CLARE - 29 Nov 1996 -- >>

>From "A Baronial Family In Medieval England: The Clares, 1217-1314", by Michael Altschul, The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore 1965

Part II--Just to keep the players straight:

Richard I, duke of Normandy d. 996
Godfrey of Brionne and Eu d. ca 1015
Gilbert, count of Brionne d. 1040
-Richard fitz Gilbert (1035-1090)=Rohese de Giffard
Roger d.s.p. 1130
Gilbert fitz Richard I(ca1066-1117)=Adeliz d/o Hugh Claremont
Walter d.s.p. 1138
Richard abbot of Ely 1100
Robert d. 1136
Adelize=Walter Tirel
Rohese=Eudo Dapifer

-Baldwin fitz Gilbert d. 1095
William d.s.p. 1096
Robert d.s.p. 1101
Richard d.s.p. 1137
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----


Richard de CLARE, earl of Hertford d. 1217
Richard/Roger d.s.p. 1228
Matilda= (1) William de Braose
(2) ?? 1219 Rhys Gryg d.1233
Gilbert de CLARE (1180-1230) = 1214 Isabel =1231 Richard of Cornwall d.
William( 1228-d.s.p. 1258)
Gilbert b. 1229
Amicia (1220-1283) = (1) 1226 Baldwin de Reviers
(2) 1247 Robert de Guines d.
Isabel b. 1226 = 1240 Robert Bruce d. 1295
Richard de CLARE (1222-1262) = (1) Margaret de Burgh d. 1237
(2) Maud de Lacy d. 1289
Thomas (124?-1287) = Juliana of Offaly d. 1300
Bogo (1248-d.s.p. 1294)
Isabel (1240-1271) = 1258 William, marquis de Montferrat
Margaret (1249-1312) = 1272 Edmund of Cornwall d. 1300
Rohese (1252-1299+) = 1270 Roger de Mowbray d. 1297
Eglentina (1257-1257)
Gilbert de CLARE (1243-1295) = 1254 (1) Alice de Lusignan
(annulled 1285)
Joan (1264/71-1322+ = 1284 Duncan d. 1288
Gervase Avenel d. 1322+
Isabella (1263-1358) = 1316 Maurice de Berkley

1290 (2)
Joan of Acre d 1307
Eleanor (1292-1337)=(1) 1306 Hugh Despenser




(2) 1327




William la Zouche d. 1337
Margaret (1293-1342)= (1) 1307 Peter Gaveston
d.s.p. 1312
(2) 1317
Hugh D'Audley d. 1347
Elizabeth (1295-1360)= (1) 1308 John de Burgh d.
(2) 1316
Theobald Verdun d.s.p. 1316
(3) 1317
Roger Damory d.s.p. 1322

Michael Altschul, *A Baronial Family in Medieval England: The Clares, 1217-1314*, Baltimore Maryland (Johns Hopkins Press) 1965, p 41-42:

"Taken as a whole, the Clare family represents what might be termed one of the most successful joint enterprises in medieval English history. More than two centuries of steady territorial growth raised the family to a position of pre-eminence in the ranks of the higher nobility. The major factors in this development in the twelfth century were undoubtedly royal favor and shrewdly chosen marriages. The Clares prospered from their intimate connections with successive rulers of England, and the male members of the house were rewarded with a series of important fiefs and well-placed ladies. The power and prestige of the family reached their highest level in the thirteenth century and the fortunes of its members help illuminate almost every aspect of the social and political life of the English baronage in this period."

Clare (family), family of English nobles prominent in the 12th and 13th centuries. The 1st earl of Clare, the founder of the family, was Richard Fitz-Gilbert (flourished 1070-1091?), a knight who accompanied William the Conqueror (King William I of England) on the Norman invasion of England in 1066. He received extensive lands in Suffolk County, and in the village of Clare he built a castle, the ruins of which still exist. His great-grandson, Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, known as Strongbow, laid the foundations for English rule in Ireland (see Pembroke, Richard de Clare, 2nd earl of). Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Clare (died 1217), and his son Gilbert de Clare, 7th earl of Clare (flourished 1215-1230), were leaders of the barons who forced King John to sign the Magna Carta in 1215.

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Text: s of Gilbert, Count of Brionne, no mother
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Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1024 Bienfaite, Normandy, France   1
Event Note

B: Abt. 1024

Death 1090 St. Neot's, Huntingdonshire, England   1
Event Note

D: Abt. 1090

Age: 66y

Burial   Priory St. Neot   2


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Brienne, Gilbert9891040
Mother d'Aunou, Gunnora1010
         de Clare, Richard de Tonbridge FitzGilbert 1024 1090
    Sister     Crispin, Hesilia 1025
    Sister     de Clare, Ann 1030
    Sister     Crispin, Emma 1030
    Brother     Crispin, Gilbert 1036
    Brother     de Braose, William 1049


Family of de Clare, Richard de Tonbridge FitzGilbert and Giffard, Rohese

Married Wife Giffard, Rohese ( * 1034 + 1133 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1054 England Religious Marriage 1
Event Note

M: Abt. 1054

Name Birth Date Death Date
de Clare, Rohese FitzRichard10551121
de Clare, Avice1058
FitzRichard de Clare, Richard10621107
FitzGilbert de Claire, Ronais1064
de Clare, Isabel FitzRichard1065
FitzRichard de Clare, Gilbert10651117
FitzRichard, Robert10751134