de Brienne, Godfrey 1a

Birth Name de Brienne, Godfrey
Gender male
Age at Death 62 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 953 Normandy, France   2
Death 1015 France   2

Age: 62y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Normandy, Richard I933-08-28996-11-20
Mother de Crepon, Gonnor9451031
         de Brienne, Godfrey 953 1015
    Brother     Normandy, Richard II 958 1026-08-28
    Brother     de Normandie, Robert 965 1037
    Brother     d'Eu, Geoffrey 967
    Sister     Rouen, Havlive 968 1034-02-21
    Brother     de Corbeil, Mauger 974 1040
    Sister     de Normandy, Beatrice about 975
    Sister     Normandy, Emma 982 1052-03-06
    Sister     of Normandy, Matilda 990 1015


Family of de Brienne, Godfrey and

Unknown Partner ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Brienne
de Brienne, Gilbert9891040

Source References

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      • Source text:

        ID: I29706
        Name: Godfrey CT DE EU & BRIENNE 1 2 3 4 5 6
        Sex: M
        Birth: 953 in Normandy, France 3 4 6
        Death: ABT. 1015 1 4 6
        Death: 1015 in France 5
        _FA1: Bastard of Richard I, Duke of Normandy. 4 6

        Father: Richard I the Fearless DUKE OF NORMANDY b: 28 AUG 933 in Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France
        Mother: Gunnor DE CRÊPON b: 936 in Normandy, France

        Marriage 1 UNKNOWN
        Gilbert "Crispin" CT DE BRIENNE b: 979 in Normandy, France
        son DE BRIENNE

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