de Glanville, Juliana

Birth Name de Glanville, Juliana
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1208 Bacton, Smallburgh, Norfolk, England   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Glanville, Geoffrey11651257
Mother de la Haye, Margaret1175
    Sister     de Glanville, Basilia 1193
    Brother     de Glanville, Geoffrey 1195
    Sister     de Glanville, Margaret 1197
    Sister     de Glanville, Alianore 1202
    Sister     de Glanville, Agnes 1204
    Sister     de Glanville, Emma 1208
         de Glanville, Juliana 1208

Source References

  1. Michael Neuman: @ RootsWeb Caldwell and related families
      • Source text:

        ID: I030616
        Name: Geoffrey de Glanville , Lord of Cobham
        Sex: M
        Birth: ABT 1165 in Bacton, Smallburgh, Norfolk, England
        Death: 1257 in Cobham, Strood, Kent, England
        Sir Geoffrey de Glanville, BARON DE BROMHOLME, 1238, MARRIED Margaret, daughter of Sir Geoffrey-de-la-Haye... SIR GEOFFREY DE GLANVILLE, FEUDAL LORD OF BROMHOLME, BACTON, KESWICK, AND PASTON, ETC.
        On the death of William de Glanville in 1234, without issue, Geoffrey his brother, succeeded him in the several Lordships; Geoffrey also granted a `deed of confirmation to Bromholm Priory, of which Sir William de Gynento, Lord of Haverland, Sir Robert, and his brother Sir John de Worstede were witnesses, which deed was likewise confirmed by King Henry the Third. William de Boville petitions Geoffrey de Glanville, as his superior Lord, and from whom he holds the Manor of Letheringham, Suffolk, as in fee, that he will confirm to the Canons of St. Peter, Gipwic, his donation of the Church of St. Mary de Crew, and tenth part of Letheringham and Thorpe (Tanner, ex. Libro, Norwich).
        In the year 1240 Sir Geoffrey held one Knight's fee of the Lordship of Castle Acre, which, with his other extensive possessions, on his death went to his daughters and coheirs on the decease of his son Geoffrey. In the same year he conveys by fine to Thomas the son of Richard de Backeton free lands in his Lordship of Bacton.

        Sir Geoffrey de Glanville married Margaret daughter of Sir Geoffrey de-la-Haye, and by her had issue:
        Geofrey de Glanville, who dying without issue, his property descended to his five sisters and coheirs. [fn 19]
        Margaret de Glanville, married Edmund, Earl of Cornwall.
        Alianore de Glanville, married Lord Almuric Pecche.
        Agnes de Glanville, married Baldwin, a Norman.
        Emma de Glanville, married Sir John de Grey.
        Basilia de Glanville, married Sir William Boville.
        Julian de Glanville, married Sir Simon Pecche.

        By the death, of Geoffrey de Glanville, the elder line of the Glanvilles failed, and a part of the lands of that branch went into the families of his sisters... [Ref: Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville from A.D. 1050 to 1880, by Wm. Urmston S. Glanville-Richard, Esq. (London: Mitchell and Hughes 1882)


        Father: Bartholomew de Glanville , Baron of Bromholme b: ABT 1142 in Bromholm, Suffolk, England
        Mother: Isabel De Berking b: ABT 1145 in Berking, Norfolk, England

        Marriage 1 Margaret De La Haye b: ABT 1175 in Brattleby, Lincolnshire, England
        Basilia de Glanville b: ABT 1193 in Bacton, Smallburgh, Norfolk, England
        Geoffrey de Glanville , Lord of Cobham b: ABT 1195 in Bacton, Smallburgh, Norfolk, England
        Margaret de Glanville b: ABT 1197 in Bacton, Smallburgh, Norfolk, England
        Alianore de Glanville b: ABT 1202 in Bacton, Smallburgh, Norfolk, England
        Agnes de Glanville b: ABT 1204 in Bacton, Smallburgh, Norfolk, England
        Emma de Glanville b: ABT 1206 in Bacton, Smallburgh, Norfolk, England
        Juliana de Glanville b: ABT 1208 in Bacton, Smallburgh, Norfolk, England


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