de Glanville, William

Birth Name de Glanville, William
Gender male
Age at Death 45 years


Founded Priory of Bromholme in 1113.

Note: According to Kay Allen in a post to SGM, Moriarty has William Glanville d. about 1113; however, using several other sources, Ray Phair in another posting to SGM states that William founded the Priory of Bromholme in 1113. Therefore I believe that William possibly lived much longer than 1113 and that his death date is not known (ie. William was "fl. 1113", not "d. abt. 1113"). According to Kay Allen (& Moriarty) another of William's sons, Gilbert, Bishop of Rochester died 29 Jun 1214, while Bartholomew died in 1175. I believe that the fact that his sons had death dates so much later than 1113 adds to the case that William also had a much later death date.

Title: Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.medieval, at groups -
Page: Kay Allen, 2 Sep 1998
Text: from G. Andrews Moriarty, New England Historic Genealogical Register 102:292-300, esp. cht. 296f, "The Parentage of Ranulf de Glanville."

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Page: Ray Phair, 16 May 2000


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1090 Bromholm, England   1
Death 1135     1

Age: 45y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Glanville, Hervey10681147
Mother de Salt-Les-Dames1074
         de Glanville, William 1090 1135


Family of de Glanville, William and de Sauqueville, Beatrix

Unknown Partner de Sauqueville, Beatrix ( * 1095 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Glanville, Bartholomew11101175
de Glanville, Beatrice1130