Dagsson, Agni 1

Birth Name Dagsson, Agni
Gender male
Age at Death unknown



He raided Finnland and killed King Frosti and many others and took much booty and Frosti's daughter, Skjalf, as prisoner and married her. He was hanged by wife, Skjalf, with the help of her followers when drunk after a banquet he put on for Frosti's funeral at her request.
One summer he invaded Finland with his army. When the Finns gathered there was a great battle, in which Agne gained victory, subduing all Finland. The daughter of a conquered chief, Skialf, was carred back to Sweden as his bride. After a drinking feast, Agne was hanged in a tree by Skialf and her men. The place where this happened was called Agnefit, and is said to be identical with the site of Stockholm, the later capital of the country. [WBH - Sweden

# Reference Number: G6SZ-9W IG


# Note: King Agni was hanged, while in a drunken stupor, by the revengeful Finnish princess he had captured and married against her will. [Royal Families of Medieval Scandinavia, Flanders, and Kiev]

# Note: Title: Royal Families of Medieval Scandinavia, Flanders, and Kiev, by Rupert Alen & Anna Dahlquist, 1997, King's River Publ.
# Note: Page: 3


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 424 Sweden   1
Death   Agnefit, Stockholm, Sweden    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dyggvasson, Dag403
         Dagsson, Agni 424


Family of Dagsson, Agni and Frostdotter, Skjalf

Married Wife Frostdotter, Skjalf ( * 428 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 444 Sweden Religious Marriage 2
Event Note

Married: Abt. 444-448

Name Birth Date Death Date
Agnasson, Alrek445
Agnasson, Erik447