Agnasson, Alrek

Birth Name Agnasson, Alrek
Gender male
Age at Death unknown



Killed by brother Eirik who he also killed in same fight.
King following the death of his father, ruling jointly with his brother Eric. One day while out walking, they had an argument, being without weapons, they assailed and killed one another with their horses' bridles. [WBH - Sweden]


Son of Agne; father of Yngve and Alf who ruled jointly following their father and uncle's deaths and shared a similar fate, killing each other in the royal hall by the high-seat. [History of Sweden, p. 36]

# Reference Number: G6SZ-C8


# Note: Heimskringla or The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway

# Note: The Ynglinga Saga, or The Story of the Yngling Family from Odin to Halfdan the Black


# Note: The sons of Agne were called Alric and Eric, and were kings togetherafter him. They were powerful men, great warriors, and expert at allfeats of arms. It was their custom to ride and break in horses both to walk and to gallop, which nobody understood sowell as they; and they vied with each other who could ride best, andkeep the best horses. It happened one day that both the brothers rodeout together alone, and at a distance from their followers, with theirbest horses, and rode on to a field; but never came back. The peopleat last went out to look after them, and they were both found deadwith their heads crushed. As they had no weapons, except it might betheir horses' bridles, people believed that they had killed each otherwith these. So says Thjodolf: --

"Alric fell, by Eric slain,
Eric's life-blood dyed the plain,
Brother fell by brother's hand;
And they tell it in the land,
That they worked the wicked deed
With the sharp bits that guide the steed.
Shall it be said of Frey's brave sons,
The kingly race, the noble ones,
That they have fought in deadly battle
With the head-gear of their cattle?"



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 445 Noatun, Sweden    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dagsson, Agni424
Mother Frostdotter, Skjalf428
         Agnasson, Alrek 445
    Brother     Agnasson, Erik 447


Family of Agnasson, Alrek and Dagsdotter, Dagreid or Dageith

Married Wife Dagsdotter, Dagreid or Dageith ( * 449 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 465 Sweden Religious Marriage 1
Name Birth Date Death Date
Alreksson, Yngvi466
Alreksson, Alf Iabout 468480
Alreksson, Thorborg470