Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The NSA’s two new spying facilities storing your data is SEVEN TIMES the size of the Pentagon


The NSA is now building a facility that will make it more than seven times the size of the Pentagon, making the secretive compounds the biggest in the country.

In addition to building a $1.9billion data center in Utah, crews also started construction on a computing center that is expected to cost $792million near Baltimore.

Together, the two facilities total 228 acres, much of which is dedicated to the collection of emails and phone calls that it was recently revealed the NSA stores without an individual knowledge.

Much attention has been paid to the secretive practices of the NSA since consultant Edward Snowden leaked classified documents proving that the intelligence agency had free reign to the electronic footprint of people, both in and out of the country, who used certain phone carriers.

NSA official Harvey Davis told Defense One that the Utah facility is ‘only brick and mortar’ but they need the space because ‘it’s required to be big’ as a result of their growing surveillance.

Full article: http://www.dailymail … S-size-Pentagon.html

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