Friday, September 30, 2011

Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now

The Myth of American Freedom

Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? Is freedom in America a myth or a reality? Tonight, what if we didn’t live in a free country?

What if the Constitution were written not to limit government, but to expand it? What if the Constitution didn’t fulfill the promise of the Declaration of Independence, but betrayed it? What if the Constitution actually permitted the government to limit and constrict freedom? What if the Bill of Rights was just a paper promise, that the government could avoid whenever it claimed the need to do so? What if the same generation – in some cases the same people – that drafted the U.S. Constitution enacted laws that violated it? What if the merchants and bankers who financed the American Revolution bought their way into the new government and got it to enact laws that stifled their competition? What if the civil war that was fought in the name of freedom actually advanced the cause of tyranny?

What if the federal government were the product of 150 years of stealing power and liberty and property from the people and the states? What if our political elites spent the 20th century importing the socialist ideas of big government Statism from Europe? What if our political class was adopting the European political culture from which our founding fathers fought so hard to break free?

What if our political leaders no longer acknowledged that our rights come from our humanity, but insisted instead that they come from the government? What if you had to produce your papers to get out of or into our once-free country? What if you couldn’t board a plane, a train, or a long-distance bus without providing documentation telling the government who you are and where you’re going, without paying the government, and without risking sexual assault? What if your local police department could shoot down a plane? What if government agents could write their own search warrants, declare their own enemies, and seize whatever property they want? What if the feds could detain you indefinitely, with no visitors, no lawyer, no judge, and no jury? What if they could make you just disappear? What if the government broke its own laws in order to enforce them? What if the government broke down your front door in the middle of the night and shot your dog, and claimed it was a mistake?

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Paul Derangement Syndrome

aul Derangement Syndrome (PDS) is a mental condition that, though it was first detected during the 2008 Republican presidential primaries, has only now been identified for the dangerous disorder that it is. Also known as “Paulophobia,” those suffering from it find themselves tortured by their fear of Texas Congressman and three time presidential candidate Ron Paul.

PDS is peculiar in that in spite of its being a contagion, there is but one segment of the general population that it is known to afflict. Even more curious is the fact that this segment consists of Ron Paul’s fellow partisans in the Republican Party. More specifically, it is neoconservative men and women, especially those with a particularly powerful proclivity for “conservative” talk radio and Fox News, who are most susceptible to contracting PDS.

PDS is known to ravage the rationality of its hosts. While this disorder indeed promises to reduce its victims’ thoughts on Congressman Paul to textbook cases of illogic, it would be a mistake to infer from this that every Paulophobe was a clear thinker prior to falling prey to PDS: In a not inconsiderable number of instances, Paulophobia hasn’t so much as caused the wild irrationality that is the most salient characteristic of all PDS victims as exacerbated the general unreasonableness with which they already lived.

Unlike many other illnesses, PDS isn’t at all difficult to identify. The Paulophobe’s discourse on all matters pertaining to Ron Paul, or at least to Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy, is replete with, not just inconsistencies, but glaring inconsistencies, contradictions that are so profound that even a college freshman enrolled in an introductory logic course couldn’t help but to be pained by them. To anyone remotely attuned to reality or possessed of a modicum of reason, the Paulophobe’s utterances can’t but sound like the babblings of a baby: indecipherable noises intending to signify we know not what.

At one and the same time that he loudly and proudly affirms “limited government,” “liberty,” “individualism,” “fiscal sanity,” “the Constitution,” and “the Founders,” the Paulophobe will just as loudly and unabashedly repudiate Ron Paul. Although the latter has proven to be, by far, both more committed and more consistently committed to these values than any political actor of our generation — although, that is, he is an incomparable champion of the very ideals that the Paulophobe claims to cherish — the Paulophobe insists upon treating Ron Paul as an enemy.

This in and of itself is sufficient to convict the Paulophobe of invincible irrationality. Yet this unreason runs deeply, manifesting itself in other ways.

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Ron Paul ‘Leap for Liberty’

Michael Layon and friends will plummet from a helicopter as it hovers tonight over his home.

It’s the “Leap for Liberty,” and likely a New Hampshire Primary first. The skydiving show will greet Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul on his latest swing through the state.

“The Leap for Liberty event will be specifically tailored to address the questions and concerns of undecided voters and be a fundraising-free zone,” Erica and Michael Layon of Derry described it.

Paul supporters are welcome, but they do not want to be just preaching to the faithful, Erica Layon said in a phone interview ahead of the event.

“There’s a lot of people who are still undecided,” she said. “It is still pretty open.”

Recent polls indicate a fluid race for the Republican presidential nomination. A Fox News Poll out Sept. 28 found 13 percent did not know who they would support in the race. Two polls last week of likely Republican voters in New Hampshire – polls by American Research Group and Suffolk University/7News – pegged the undecided vote at 12 percent.

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Texas Rep. Ron Paul brings in over $5 million in 3rd quarter

Rep. Ron Paul’s Republican presidential campaign brought in over $5 million the past three months.

The third quarter number is up from the $4.5 million the congressman from Texas raised in the quarter lasting from April through June. Paul presidential campaign chairman Jesse Benton confirmed to CNN the new fundraising figure, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Friday is the final day for candidates to fundraise in the third quarter. Final figures must be reported to the Federal Election Commission by October 15.

The fundraising tallies that the campaigns report are important, because in this period, before voters actually start voting in primaries and caucuses, campaign cash figures–along with public opinion polls–are seen as a gauge or barometer of each candidate’s popularity and his or her campaign’s strength and outreach.

Paul only trailed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the second quarter. Romney raised over $18 million from April through June. Romney will report raising between $11 to $13 million for the third quarter, according to a source with knowledge of Romney’s fundraising.

Paul’s raised much of his money from so called “money bombs,” one or two day rushes of small dollar donations.

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