Bourchier, Elizabeth 1a

Birth Name Bourchier, Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death 48 years, 11 months, 24 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1500 Baunton, Devonshire, England    
Death 1548-12-25 Raleigh, Devonshire, England    

Age: 48y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bourchier, Sir John1470-07-201539-04-30
Mother d'Aubigny, Cecily14741539-04-30
    Brother     Bourchier, John 1498 1560/1-02-20 (Julian)
         Bourchier, Elizabeth 1500 1548-12-25
    Brother     Bourchier, Amias 1501
    Sister     Bourchier, Dorothy 1503
    Brother     Bourchier, Giles 1505
    Sister     Bourchier, Margaret 1507
    Sister     Bourchier, Anne 1509
    Sister     Bourchier, Eleanor 1512


Family of Chichester, Edward and Bourchier, Elizabeth

Unknown Partner Chichester, Edward ( * 1496 + 1522-07-27 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Chichester, John15161568-11-30
Chichester, Edward1518
Chichester, Philip1520

Source References

  1. Michael Neuman: @ RootsWeb Caldwell and related families
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        # ID: I028709
        # Name: John III de Dinham , 5th Lord Dynham 1 2
        # Sex: M
        # Birth: ABT 1340 in Hartland, Devonshire, England 1 2
        # Death: 7 JAN 1380/81 in Hartland, Devonshire, England 1 2



        Father: John II de Dinham , 4th Lord Dynham b: 1318 in Hartland, Devonshire, England
        Mother: Margaret de Nutwell b: ABT 1320 in Nutwell, Devonshire, England

        Marriage 1 Muriel de Courtenay b: ABT 1350 in Woodhuish, Devonshire, England


        1. Has Children John IV de Dinham , 6th Lord Dynham b: ABT 1369 in Hartland, Devonshire, England
        2. Has Children Joan de Dinham b: ABT 1371 in Hartland, Devonshire, England
        3. Has Children Muriel de Dinham b: ABT 1380 in Hartland, Devonshire, England



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