de France, Blanche

Birth Name de France, Blanche
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1336 France   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father France, Jean II1319-04-261364-04-08
Mother of Bohemia, Jutte1315-05-201349-09-11
         de France, Blanche 1336
    Brother     of France, Charles V 1337-01-21
    Sister     de France, Catherine 1338
    Brother     of France, Louis I 1339-07-23
    Brother     of France, Jean I 1340-11-30
    Brother     of France, Philippe II 1342-01-15 1404-04-27
    Sister     of France, Jeanne 1343-06-24
    Sister     of France, Marie 1344-09-18
    Sister     of France, Agnaes 1345-12-09
    Sister     of France, Marguerite 1347-09-20
    Sister     of France, Isabel 1348-10-01

Source References

  1. Errol Bevan: @ RootsWeb Ancestries of Errol S. BEVAN and Hollie C. ATKINSON BEVAN to ADAM and EVE including REINHARDT and BLOCKER Cousins and more
      • Source text:

        # ID: I33529
        # Name: Jean II, "Le Bon" FRANCE
        # Surname: FRANCE
        # Given Name: Jean II, "Le Bon"
        # Sex: M
        # Birth: 26 Apr 1319 in Chcateau De Gube-De-Maulny, France
        # Christening: 29 Apr 1319 St Julien, Le Mans, France
        # Death: 8 Apr 1364 in , London, England
        # Burial: 8 May 1364 St Denis, France
        # Ancestral File #: 9G4Q-37
        # LDS Baptism: 9 May 1992 Temple: JRIVE 1
        # Endowment: 20 Jun 1992 Temple: JRIVE 1
        # Sealing Child: 9 Sep 1992 Temple: PROVO 1 2
        # Change Date: 3 Apr 2007 at 01:00:00

        Father: Philippe VI "de Valois" FRANCE b: ABT 1293 in , France
        Mother: Jeanne De BOURGOGNE b: 1293 in Bourgogne, France

        Marriage 1 Jutte (Bonne) Princess Of BOHEMIA b: 20 May 1315 in Of Praha, Praha, Czechoslovakia

        * Married: 28 Mar 1332


        1. Has Children Philippe II "Le Hardi" Prince Of FRANCE b: 15 Jan 1342 in Pontoise, France
        2. Has Children Jean I "le Magnifique" Prince Of FRANCE b: 30 Nov 1340 in Chcateau Du Bois De Vincennes, Vincennes, France
        3. Has Children Charles V "le Sage" King Of FRANCE b: 21 Jan 1337 in Chcateau De Vincennes, Vincennes, France
        4. Has Children Louis I Prince Of FRANCE b: 23 Jul 1339 in Chcateau-Du-Bois-De-Vincennes, France
        5. Has No Children Blanche De FRANCE b: 1336 in Of France
        6. Has No Children Catherine De FRANCE b: 1338 in Of France
        7. Has No Children Marie Princess Of FRANCE b: 18 Sep 1344 in St-Germain-En-Laye, France
        8. Has No Children Jeanne Princess Of FRANCE b: 24 Jun 1343 in Chcateauneuf-Sur-Loire, France
        9. Has No Children Agnaes Princess Of FRANCE b: 9 Dec 1345 in St Germain En Laye, France
        10. Has No Children Marquerite Princess Of FRANCE b: 20 Sep 1347 in Louvre, Paris, France
        11. Has No Children Isabel Princess Of FRANCE b: 1 Oct 1348 in , Bois De Vincennes, Vincennes, France



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