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Birth Name SKAGGS, Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death 36 years, 7 months


Elizabeth died of Consumptiion after an illness of 120 days at the age of 36. She left her husband with 8 children ranging in age from an infant child, aged 4 months, to a daughter age 19.

Elizabeth's great-grandfather was the famed Kentucky Longhunter, Henry Skaggs, about whom much has been written in Kentucky History. He was also a brother of Richard Skaggs, grandfather of William Wesley Clement, making William Wesley and Elizabeth 4th cousins.

Of the five Skaggs brothers who were all Kentucky Longhunters, Elizabeth's great-grandfather, Henry, is perhaps the most famous. He kept extensive notes of his hunting trips into Kentucky, and it was his notes that helped inspire the interest of Daniel Boone to explore the Kentucky frontier.

Henry Skaggs served as a guide for Daniel Boone on one of Boone's early trips into Kentucky. When Elizabeth's father, also named Henry Skaggs, and William Wesley's father, Andrew Clement, moved from Kentucky in the early 1800s, they joined a wagon train of settlers going to Missouri to settle on land granted to Daniel Boone by the government of Spain. This is the land that would later become the "Louisiana Territory". By the time the Skaggs and the Clements reached Missouri, Spain had sold the land to France and France had, in turn, sold it to the United States.

Elizabeth is mentioned in her father's will, which is recorded in Osage Co. MO court records, dated 31 Mar 1855 in which he states, "Personal property has already been given to my daughter, Elizabeth Clements, now deceased."


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1814 KY    
Death 1850-08-00 Madison Co AR   4
Event Note

Cause of death: Consumption

Age: 36y

Burial   Rock Church Cemetery, War Eagle, Benton Co. AR   5


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father SKAGGS, Henry17851855
Mother NOBLETT, Elizabeth1788before 1834
         SKAGGS, Elizabeth 1814 1850-08-00
    Sister     SKAGGS, Sally about 1818 before 1855
    Sister     SKAGGS, Charlotte about 1825 1879-06-02
    Brother     SKAGGS, Hiram Harvey about 1825
    Brother     SKAGGS, Asa P. about 1828 before 1900


Family of CLEMENT, William Wesley and SKAGGS, Elizabeth

Married Husband CLEMENT, William Wesley ( * 1802 + 1868 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1829-10-22 Crawford Co MO Religious Marriage 2
Name Birth Date Death Date
CLEMENT, Sarah1830after 1850
CLEMENT, Andrew1833-04-201873-04-30
CLEMENT, Abraham1835-05-00
CLEMENT, Hiram Harvey1837after 1880
CLEMENT, Ellen1840-08-111902-08-06
CLEMENT, Lydia1844-04-00
CLEMENT, William1847-02-201917-01-13
CLEMENT, Serena1850before 1860

Source References

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      • Source text:


        ID: I31615
        Name: David SKAGGS
        Sex: M
        Birth: 28 APR 1767 in VA 1
        Death: BEF 12 JUN 1813 in Green Co. KY
        David is mentioned in the Archibald Thompson diary, page 10, where Archibald lists the birth dates of some of the children of Henry and Mary Thompson Skaggs. Mary is Archibald's sister.

        David's name appears on a petition in 1785 for the formation of Russell Co. Virginia. His name also appears on the 1789, 1790, and 1791 Tax Lists of Russell Co. Virginia, living in the upper district. His name also appears in the Russel Co. VA Order Book, p. 153, no date given, "Ordered that James Cumpson, David Skeggs, James Davison be fined according to law for profane swearing."

        David's name appears on the 1793 Nelson Co. KY tax list. He is on the Green Co. KY 1795, 1800, 1805, 1806, and 1811 tax lists. His name is probably listed on the intervening years also, but this writer did not find specific items to verify those years.

        His name appears in various other Green Co. KY records. They includethe following:

        (1) 1793, The governor commissioned the following officers on the 16th Regiment - Frederick and David Skaggs under Lt. John Reynolds.
        (2) September 13, 1796, Order Book, p. 33, Ordered that Richard Dean,Will Vance, John Bryant, John Houchens, David Skaggs, and Joseph Meredith view the nearest and best way from Dyers' crossing at the head of Cloyd's Creek to the Blue Spring Grove, being sworn first before one Justice of Peace and report.
        (3) April 1798, excerpts from the Journal of Governor James Garrard, p. 161, Captains David Skaggs and Solomon Skaggs, ensigns listed.
        (4) Sept. 1799, Order Book, on a motion of David Skaggs, a license is granted him to keep a tavern at his house for 1year from this day and from thence until the next court. He entered into bond with John Hardin according to the law.
        (5) Feb. 19, 1800, Order book, John Smith Sr. is appointed overseer of the road from the ford of Pitman Creek near David Skaggs.
        (6) May 30, 1811, Jesse Roberts and Polly his wife for $550 to David Skaggs in Green Co. on the waters of the North Fork of Pitman, being part of Archer Mathews' survey of 5000 acres.
        (7) Deed Book 6, pages 204-205 in 1811 where it is recorded, "David Skaggs and wife, Peggy, to John Thurman, $1300, north fork of Pitman Creek, 256 acres, eastwardly to the corner of Henry Skaggs' settlement survey, crossing of Skaggs and Barbee's lines, Harrises lines, on the point of a ridge, on the cliff of the north fork of Pitman's Ridge, line of Henry Skaggs' settlement survey. (Signed) David Skaggs, Margaret Skaggs, (herX mark). Acknowledged by David Skaggs and wife, Margaret on 5 Aug 1811. She relinquished dower, Recorded 10 Aug 1811 by John Barrett, DCGC.
        (8) Aug 10, 1811, David Skaggs and Peggy his wife sell to John Thurman on the North Fork of Pitman's Creek 250 acres from Skaggs settlement survey and Barbee lines.
        (9) July 5, 1822, Deed Book 10, p. 480, Henry Skaggs of Gasconade Co.MO appoints Isaac Roberts of Green Co. KY, my lawful attorney, to convey land sold me by Drury Thompson and Jesse Roberts in Green Co.,certain papers to witness a bill of sale from David Skaggs to me for a negro named Bob and also an order for land. This last transaction took place after the death of David.




        Father: Henry SKAGGS b: 08 JAN 1723 in Maryland
        Mother: Mary THOMPSON b: 18 AUG 1739

        Marriage 1 Margaret "Peggy" [SKAGGS] b: ABT 1760 in VA
        Has No Children David SKAGGS b: 1780
        Has Children Mary SKAGGS b: ABT 1780 in Russell Co. VA
        Has Children Henry SKAGGS b: 1785 in VA
        Has No Children Jacob SKAGGS b: 1786 in Russell Co. VA
        Has Children Richard SKAGGS b: 11 JAN 1801 in Green Co. KY
        Has Children John C. SKAGGS b: 1805

        Author: Archibald Thompson
        Title: Diary
        TYPE: Book

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