Cecil, Richard 1a

Birth Name Cecil, Richard
Gender male
Age at Death 63 years, 8 months, 3 days


1587 was a member of Parlement for Peterborough. His son David succeded as 3rd Earl of Exeter.
(The Cecil Family By George Ravenscroft Dennis)


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1570 Burghley House, Lincolnshire, England   2
Death 1633-09-04      

Age: 63y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Sr., Thomas Cecil1546-05-051623-02-08
Mother Neville, *Dorothy15481607-03-23
    Brother     Cecil, William 1565-01-13 1640-07-06
    Sister     Cecil, Lucy 1568-03-07 1614-10-01
         Cecil, Richard 1570 1633-09-04
    Brother     Cecil, Honerable Sir Edward 1571-11-11 1638-11-18
    Sister     Cecil, Mildred 1573-06-11
    Sister     Cecil, Mary 1573-07-15 1638-03-18
    Sister     Cecil, Elizabeth 1574-09-22
    Brother     Cecil, Christopher 1576-05-04
    Brother     Jr., Sir Thomas Cecil 1578-12-30 1662-12-03
    Sister     Cecil, Frances 1580-02-28 1653-06-12
    Brother     Cecil, David between 1567 and 1574

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        # ID: I25867
        # Name: *William BOURCHIER
        # Sex: M
        # Birth: 1386 in Little Eaton, Essex, England 1
        # Death: 28 MAY 1420 in Troyes, Aube, France 2
        # Occupation: Count of Eu 2
        # Note:

        son of William and Eleanor de Lovaine

        William Bourchier (1386-1420) was a Count of Eu in Normandy.
        He was the son of William Bourchier and Eleanor Lovain. He married Anne Plantagenet, Countess of Stafford and Eu,the daughter of the English prince, Thomas of Woodstock.





        Father: *William BOURCHIER b: ABT 1330 in Halstead, Essex, England
        Mother: Eleanor LOUVAIN b: 27 MAY 1345 in Little Eaton, Essex, England

        Marriage 1 *Anne of GLOUCESTER b: APR 1383 in Pheshy, Essex, England

        * Married: 1404 3


        1. Has No Children Eleanor BOURCHIER b: ABT 1417
        2. Has No Children William BOURCHIER
        3. Has No Children Thomas BOURCHIER b: ABT 1404
        4. Has Children Henry BOURCHIER b: BET 1404 AND 1406 in Little Eaton, Essex, England
        5. Has Children *John BOURCHIER b: 1410 in Little Eaton, Essex, England



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