ap Cadwaladr, Idwal 1a

Birth Name ap Cadwaladr, Idwal
Nick Name Iwrch
Gender male
Age at Death 62 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 650 Wales   2
Death 712     3

Age: 62y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father ap Cadwallon, Cadwaladr633682
         ap Cadwaladr, Idwal 650 712


Family of ap Cadwaladr, Idwal and verch Alain, Afadda

Unknown Partner verch Alain, Afadda ( * 660 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
ap Idwal, Rhodri690754

Source References

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      • Source text:

        ID: I10349
        Name: *Idwal "Iwrch" Ap CADWALADR
        Sex: M
        Name: Idwal ROEBUCK
        Birth: ABT 650 in Wales 1
        Death: 720 1
        Occupation: BET 692 AND 720 King of Gwynedd, Wales 1
        Idwal ap Cadwaladr (c.650-720; reigned from c.682) (Latin: Ituvellus; English: Judwald), also known as Idwal Iwrch ('Roebuck'), was a king of Gwynedd.

        Following the death of Idwal's father, Cadwaladr Fendigaid, the history of Gwynedd enters into a somewhat hazy period. His nickname of 'Roebuck' suggests a young man of small stature, and the historical record indicates that he was probably not involved in any major, prolonged conflicts with neighboring kingdoms, focusing instead on the domestic situation of Gwynedd.

        Nonetheless, it was during the time of Idwal's reign that the nearby kingdom of Mercia to the west was growing in power and influence. Idwal may have been involved in a series of raids on Mercian territory carried out by the neighboring Welsh kingdom of Powys during the reign of the Mercian king Coenred. These raids, if they did indeed occur, and if Gwynedd was indeed involved, seem to have been relatively isolated, and did not result in any sort of more organized conflict.
        (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

        EDWAL YMRICH, or the Roe, who after his father's retirement went from France into Britain with his cousin Ivor and routed the Saxons and possessed himself of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset; the first King of all Wales 690; died 720.
        (Fenwick Allied Ancestry, page 181)


        Father: *Cadwaladr "Fendigaid" Ap CADWALLON b: ABT 633 in Wales

        Marriage 1 Angrahad of BRITTANY
        *Rhodri "Molwynog" Ap IDWAL b: ABT 690 in Wales

        Title: 1Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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