Chase, William Son Of Thomas 1 2

Birth Name Chase, William Son Of Thomas
Gender male


Downloaded from the Nick Hayes-Sue Drake family tree


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death about 1553      
Christening 1F344599D38247DF9FD396BF70E76181AC52 18 APR 2009    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Chase, Thomas1520-04-221586-06-29
Mother Bourchier, Elizabeth15181569-10-02
    Brother     Chase, John 1540-11-30 1599-04-22
    Brother     Chase, Richard 1542-07-26 1611-01-31
    Brother     Chase, Thomas about 1545 1569-08-03
    Sister     Chase, Elizabeth 1547-05-23 1579-06-25
    Sister     Chase, Agnes 1550-01-09 (Dec)
    Sister     Chase, Christian 1555 1599-04-18
         Chase, William Son Of Thomas 1F344599D38247DF9FD396BF70E76181AC52 about 1553