de Grey, Henry 1a 2a

Birth Name de Grey, Henry
Gender male
Age at Death 61 years


John 3rd "Baron" de Grey , of Codnor, KG, Sir

GREY, JOHN de, third Baron (sixth by tenure) Grey of Codnor (1305-1392), soldier, born in 1305, was son of Richard de Grey (d. 1335), second baron, who was son of Henry de Grey (1254-1309) a grandson of Richard de Grey (fl. 1250). Richard de Grey, second baron (d. 1335), was one of the barons who at the assembly of Stamford on 6 Aug. 1309 drew up a letter of remonstrance to the pope on the abuses in the church (_Annales Londinienses_ in _Chron. Edw. I and II_, Rolls Ser., i. 162). He was employed in the Scottish war in 1311, 1314, and 1319-20. In 1324 he was steward of Aquitaine, and was sent to defend Argentain (Knighton, in _Scriptores Decem_, 2543), and in 1326-7 was constable of Nottingham Castle. In 1327 he was employed in the Scotch marches, and was summoned for the Scottish war in 1334, but was excused on the ground of sickness. He died in 1335.
John de Grey took part in the wars of Edward III, in 1334, 1336, 1338, 1342, and 1346, in Scotland, and in 1339 in Flanders. In 1345 he accompanied Henry, earl of Derby, afterwards duke of Lancaster, on his expedition to France, which was followed by a year's successful warfare in Guienne (Murimuth, Appendix, p. 243, in Rolls Ser.) He was again in France in 1349, 1353, and 1360. In 1350 he had license to go on a pilgrimage to Rome (_Fœdera_, iii. 440). In 1353 he was commissioner of array for the counties of Nottingham and Derby, and in 1360 was appointed governor of Rochester Castle for life. In 1372 he received a dispensation from coming to parliament on the score of his advanced age (_ib._ iii. 914). He is sometimes described as a knight of the Garter, but this is due to confusion with John de Grey of Rotherfield (1300-1359). He was last summoned to parliament 8 Sept. 1392, and seems to have died soon after. He married Alice de Insula, by whom he had a son Henry (d. 1379).
[Rymer's Fœdera, ed. 1830; Dugdale's Baronage, i. 710; Burke's Dormand and Extinct Peerages, p. 248.] C. L. K.* [Ref: DNB, Editors, Leslie Stephen & Sidney Lee, MacMillan Co, London & Smith, Elder & Co., NY, 1908, vol. viii, p. 635]

* Charles Lethbridge Kingsford, author of this article.

Apparently "de Insula" is latin for "de Lisle"...CH



1. Author: Peter Barns-Graham, Chairman
Publication: Name:;
Page: Grey01


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1331 Codnor, Basford, Derbyshire, England   1b
Death 1392 Codnor, Derby, England   1c

Age: 61y

Christening   Complete    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Grey, John13071392-12-14
Mother de Lisle, Alice13121344
         de Grey, Henry 1331 1392
    Sister     Grey, @*Alice de 1332 1369


Family of de Grey, Henry and de Cobham, Joan

Unknown Partner de Cobham, Joan ( * 1344 + 1393 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Grey, Richard13711418-08-01

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        # ID: I11380
        # Name: Alice de Lisle 1
        # Sex: F
        # Birth: ABT 1312 in Kingston Lisle, Sparsholt, Berkshire, England 1
        # Event: Complete Complete
        # Death: AFT 1344 in Codnor, Basford, Derbyshire, England 1
        # Note:


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        Father: Sir Warin de Lisle of Kingston Lisle b: BEF 1277 in Kingston Lisle, Sparsholt, Berkshire, England
        Mother: Alice Teyes b: BEF 1297 in Fritwell, Oxfordshire, England

        Marriage 1 John de Grey b: 1307 in Codnor, Basford, Derbyshire, England

        * Married: BEF 20 OCT 1330


        1. Has Children Henry de Grey b: 1331 in Codnor, Basford, Derbyshire, England



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