Throckmorton, John

Birth Name Throckmorton, John
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1413 Coughton, Warwick, England   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Throckmorton, John13821445-04-12
Mother de la Spine, Alianore13811466
    Sister     Throckmorton, Eleanor 1404
    Sister     Throckmorton, Jane 1410
    Brother     Throckmorton, Thomas 1412 1472-07-13
    Sister     Throckmorton, Maud 1412
         Throckmorton, John 1413
    Sister     Throckmorton, Agnes 1415 1458
    Sister     Throckmorton, Mary 1418
    Sister     Throckmorton, Matilda 1425 1496
    Sister     Throckmorton, Margaret 1425
    Sister     Throckmorton, Elizabeth 1427
    Sister     Beler, Marina 1445 1489-09-10
    Brother     Throckmorton, Richard

Source References

  1. David Meier: Royals, Rebels, Presidents, Paupers, Thinkers, and Thieves
      • Source text:

        ID: I41730
        Name: John Throckmorton
        Prefix: Sir
        Given Name: John
        Surname: Throckmorton
        Sex: M
        _UID: E94B33C4307CD811BE490080C8C142CCDE72
        Change Date: 28 Mar 2004 1
        Birth: ABT 1384 in Coughton, Warwickshire, England
        Death: 12 APR 1445

        Father: Thomas de Throckmorton b: ABT 1356
        Mother: Agnes de Besford b: 1363

        Marriage 1 Eleanor De La Spine b: ABT 1385 in Coughton, Warwickshire, England
        Matilda Throckmorton b: ABT 1425
        John Throckmorton b: ABT 1413 in Coughton, Warwick, England
        Marina Beler b: ABT 1445
        Richard Throckmorton b: in Higham Ferrer, Northamptonshire, England
        Thomas Throckmorton b: ABT 1412 in Coughton Court, Warwickshire, England
        Maud Throckmorton b: 1412 in Coughton, Warwickshire, England
        Eleanor Throckmorton b: ABT 1404 in Bedsford, Worcestershire, England
        John Throckmorton b: ABT 1406 in Coughton Court, Warwickshire, England
        Agnes Throckmorton b: ABT 1420

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        Title: Mark Willis Ballard, GEDCOM File : mwballard.ged
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