Bradley, John 1

Birth Name Bradley, John
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years

Narrative wrote in disputes the following.

The Bradley line that William Stone(s) married into Likely came from Lancashire or Cheshire. As I have previously stated, there is only circumstantial evidence pointing to Cheshire as the possible home of the Bradley family that William Stones De Twist married into. It is also probable that the William Stones family and the John Bradley family were both of the same social class.

William Stones [De Twist’s] son Richard [De Croston] Stones had several of his younger sons entered or bound out as apprentices to pursue a career as a haberdasher. Many of Richard’s sons did become haberdashers and at least two sons, Andrew, who went to Amsterdam, who was known as a merchant and Thomas who chose to ignore guild laws and became a merchant adventurer and a haberdasher with a retail shop and warehouse in London.

Lancashire Land records found which were preserved by one William Farrer!
In a Lancashire land transaction document, I found, after much sifting, in the U.K. archives, a Bretherton. document dated 27 Jan. 1554. This document stated that by a Draft agreement, Wm. Banaster, who was noted to be a farmer for the best land in Bretherton which was known as Carhousefield, redraws the boundaries in his original land lease with none other than our John Gyrdler. This is ascertained for many reasons but this John Gyrdeler is specifically noted to be of Carhouse, Bretherton Lancashire, working Carhouse field in the land Agreement. Additonal proof that this is our John Gyrdler is shown in subsequent land records.

John Gyrdler’s death was also recorded in the Parish of Croston 5 Aug. 1558”. John Gyrdler was the owner of the Carr House in Bretherton for four years before he died. This is the property that Rychard Stone later inherited because his wife could not own it so long as her husband was alive. It is clear that this property was believed to be among the most fertile and prestigious farms in Bretherton. Thus, Richard Stone's home, "Carr House", was apparently acquired from Isabel's father John Gyrdeler (Girdler) via his marriage to John Gyrdeler’s daughter Isabel.

It is a fact that there is much more historical evidence and history of the Richard Stones family in the Croston area than the Girdler [also spelled Gyrdler originally] family. After much sifting through archival records I can prove that the Bradley family that married into the Richard Stone{s} family was living in the Bretherton area in the 1500's in Lancashire.

Further evidence that the John Gyrdler family was living in Croston is revealed when we see that the likely younger sister of Isabel Girdler, Ellen Girdler marryed a John Deyn in Croston Lancashire on 16 June 1588. Please note that it was customary for brides to marry in their home parish as evidenced by the many historical records which show this practice along with the assertion of many historians.

The bottom line here is, we don't know who John Bradley's parents were. There is no parish record in the 1500's left or preserved in either the Croston parish, Whalley Parish, or anything in Lancashire or Doncaster that I can see that proves a tie to the John Bradley who indeed did sell his house and land to Richard Stone[s] in Bretherton. for proof of this assertion see Repository Manchester Archives and Local Studies, Place name index to Duchy of Lancaster fee farm rolls, Scanned list part 1, , Record Reference -GB127- Ll/10/77/1-4 page 155[pdf pg#], NRA 17338 Dr Farrer, ManchesterCentral
Library, Manchester Archives and Local Studies,……….


That John Bradley had already named his house the name of Carr House. It was never in Yorkshire! I see no sources or parish records to back up this Doncaster Yorkshire assertion that keeps getting regurgitated. If someone has a revealing archival or parish record that proves otherwise please let me know.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1499 Croston, Bretherton, Lancashire, England   1
Death 1567 Twiston, Lancashire, England   2

Age: 68y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bradley, Thomas1477
Mother Sherborne, Graceabout 1488about 1544
         Bradley, John 1499 1567


Family of Bradley, John and Brathwaite, Ann

Unknown Partner Brathwaite, Ann ( * 1503 + 1580 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Bradley, Elizabethabout 15181560-06-24