Haynie, Anthony

Birth Name Haynie, Anthony
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1698 Northumberland, Virginia   1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Haynie, Richard16581724-10-31
Mother Bridgar, Elizabeth1665-07-161697-04-02
    Brother     Haynie, Ormsby 1689 1743-02-13
         Haynie, Anthony 1698
    Sister     Haynie, Mary 1702-11-03
    Brother     Haynie, William 1704
    Brother     Haynie, Samuel 1705
    Brother     Haynie, Winifred 1706
    Sister     Haynie, Ann Winefred 1706-04-07
    Sister     Haynie, Eleanor 1708-09-02
    Brother     Haynie, Charles 1710-01-23
    Sister     Haynie, Sarah 1718

Source References

  1. Joseph Townsend: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=townsend_gardner&id=I403148 Townsend/Boatman/Gardner/Cockrell/Carter/Posey
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        # ID: I403148
        # Name: Richard Haynie
        # Given Name: Richard
        # Surname: Haynie
        # Prefix: Captain
        # Sex: M
        # Birth: 1658 in Saint Stephens, Northumberland, Virginia
        # Death: 31 Oct 1724 in Saint Stephens, Northumberland, Virginia
        # Ancestral File #: G19C-3H 1 2 3 4
        # Change Date: 27 Oct 2006 at 16:20
        # Note:

        An Ancestral Abstract of John Haynie, The Immigrant and His Descendants A Continuation Gen. 10 Richard Haynie

        Richard Haynie was the eldest son of John and Jane (Morris) Haynie. He was probably their third child and was born in Northumberland County. He must have been born about 1658, as he was named in his Grandfather Morris' will (1660) and listed as a tithable in Northumberland County in 1679. While Richard grew up on the frontier, the Northern Neck was a kindly place to live, the Indians were friendly and he had the rivers and forests to roam. His father was an important member of the church and the court, and Richard
        was accustomed to the best that life had to offer.

        As an adult, Richard lived in St. Stephen's Parish in Northumberland County.He described his land as being on "the right hand side of the road as you go down from the courthouse", and the plantation on which he lived, "as far as the first branch of the Tar Trough". He owned additional land, but it is not known what his total land holdings were. The grave of his first wife is not far off the main street of Heathsville, today, so this must have been a part of Richard's land.

        Richard played an active part in the affairs of the colony as did his father. He was elected a burgess from Northumberland County to the Assembly, for the years 1695-1698, and again, from 1703 until 1705. 51 He served as the high sheriff of Northumberland County and his son Richard served, at the same time, as under-sheriff (1706). 52 Added to these more prestigous pursuits, Richard was made overseer of the highway for the years 1695 thru 1705.

        It was no less a difficult assignment in his time than it had been in his father's. Richard served in the Northumberland County militia and attained the rank of captain. He was always addressed by his title.

        Elizabeth Bridger and Richard Harris were married 10 Oct 1681 in Northumberland County. She was the daughter of Richard and Jane Bridger. There have been a number of lists of the children of Elizabeth and Richard Haynie, and of the children of his subsequent marriage to Elinor. Not all of them are accurate.

        The births of several of Richard's children were recorded in the church records entry in the Northumberland County court records. An inspection of the original indicates that they have been misread. Four children who have been attributed to Richard were actually children of John, his son. Since the gravestone inscription of Elizabeth states that she had eight children by Richard, this provides a starting point.

        Richard's second wife was Elinor, and they had children also. The children of Elinor can be identified by date and by circumstances. The children of Elinor would not have been those listed in the Virginia Vital Records, however.

        Richard and Elizabeth are believed to have been the parents of: John, Bridger, Richard I I, Maximillan and Elizabeth Haynie. They also had 3 other children, tow of whom may have been Catherine and another daughter, who married a Pickeron or Thorp. One evidently died as a young child, before the time of Richard's w ill. The other children, named in his will, were apparently those of Elinor, since she also named them in her will.

        From Tidewater Virginia Families Author: Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis
        Publication: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Page: Pgs. 654-657

        Will of Richard Haynie
        "to Bridger Haynie, all my land on the right hand of the road as you go down from the courthouse, to him and the lawful heirs begotten of his body. Son Richard Haynie, plantation whereon I now live with all the land belonging to it as far as the first branch of 'Tar Trough' to him and the heirs lawfully begotten of his body, and if none to fall to Macksmillion Haynie and Ormsby Haynie the lawful heirs of their bodies."
        "Sons Ormsby Haynie and Charles Haynie, all the land from the aforementioned branch to the extent of my land, to themand the lawfully begotten heirs of their bodies."
        "Son Samuel Haynie, piece of land joining to Richard Oldhams of about 80 acers, to him and his heirs."
        "Rest of my land in same dividend to be equeally divided between my four daughters, Katherine Haynie, Winifred haynie,and Ann haynie, to them and their heirs forever."
        "Two daughters Winifred and Ann Haynie, my two Negroes George and Beck, after my wife's decease. Daughter, Elizabeth Smith a gold ring of twenty shillings price."
        Elinor Haynie, wife, with the assistance of major George Eskridge to be the executrix of my estate."





        Father: John Haynie b: 1624 in Northumberland Co, Virginia
        Mother: Jane Morris b: 1630 in Northumberland, VA

        Marriage 1 Elizabeth Bridgar b: 16 Jul 1665 in , , Culpeper, VA

        * Married: 10 Oct 1681 in , Northumberland, VA
        * Change Date: 27 Oct 2006


        1. Has No Children William Haynie b: 1704 in <St. Stephens Par, Northumberland, VA> c: 5 Nov 1704
        2. Has No Children Mary Haynie b: 3 Nov 1702 in Saint Stephens, Northumberland, Virginia c: 3 Nov 1702 in St. Stephens Par, Northumberland, VA
        3. Has No Children Winifred Haynie b: 1706 c: 7 Apr 1706 in St. Stephens Par, Northumberland, VA
        4. Has No Children Eleanor Haynie b: 2 Sep 1708 in Saint Stephens, Northumberland, Virginia, VA c: 2 Sep 1708 in St. Stephens Par, Northumberland, VA
        5. Has No Children Charles Haynie b: 23 Jan 1710 in Saint Stephens, Northumberland, Virginia, VA c: 23 Jan 1710 in St. Stephens Par, Northumberland, VA
        6. Has No Children Sarah Haynie b: 1718 c: 11 May 1718 in St. Stephens Par, Northumberland, VA
        7. Has No Children Anthony Haynie b: Abt 1698 in , Northumberland, Virginia
        8. Has No Children Ann (Winifred) Winefred Haynie b: 7 Apr 1706 in Probably, , Of Virginia, VA
        9. Has Children Ormsby Haynie b: Abt 1689 in Saint Stephens, Northumberland, Virginia, VA
        10. Has No Children Samuel Haynie b: Abt 1705 in Probably, , Of Virginia, VA



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