ap Cadell, Clydog

Birth Name ap Cadell, Clydog
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 891     1a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father ap Rhodri, Cadell861909
Mother Rheingar865
    Brother     ap Cadell, Hywel 880 950
    Brother     de Wales, Hywed Dha 887 948
    Brother     ap Cadell, Meurig 889
         ap Cadell, Clydog 891

Source References

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      • Source text:

        ID: I10337
        Name: *Cadell Ap RHODRI
        Sex: M
        Birth: ABT 861 in Deheubarth, Wales
        Death: 909 1
        Cadell, the 2nd son of Rhodri Mawr, succeeded to the Kingdom of South Wales, which was called Deheubarth, their residence being Dynevor or Dmasvawr, the Great Palace. The fatal policy of Roderick in dividing his dominions soon became apparent from the conduct of his sons. For in 892/3 we find Anarawd uniting with the English against his brother Cadell; when they invaded his territory and devastated the country of Cardigan and the vale of Towy. And again we find Cadell, Prince of South Wales, taking forcible possession of Powis on the death of his brother Mervyn in 901. Cadell died in 907, leaving three sons: Howell Dha, i. e., Howell, the Good, Meyric and Clydawc, of whom the latter was killed by his brother Meyric about 917.
        (Kin of Mellcene Thurman Smith, page 800)

        CADELH who became Prince of South Wales 877; took Powys from his brother Merfyn.
        (Fenwick Allied Ancestry, page 181)


        Father: *Rhodri "the Great" Ap MERFYN b: ABT 820 in Caer Seiont, Carnarvonshire, Wales
        Mother: *Angharad Verch MEURIG b: ABT 825 in Ceredigion, Wales

        Marriage 1 *RHEINGAR b: ABT 865 in Carmarthenshire, Wales
        *Hywel "the Good" Ap CADELL b: ABT 880 in Dynevor Castle, Llandyfeisant, Carmarthshire, Wales
        Meurig Ap CADELL b: ABT 889
        Clydog Ap CADELL b: ABT 891

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