McGrew, Reed 1a

Birth Name McGrew, Reed
Gender male
Age at Death 74 years, 4 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1782 Westmoreland, Pennsylvana   2
Death 1856-01-05 Grayson County, Kentucky   2

Age: 74y


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McGrew, Robert1784-12-08
Mother Graham, Dorothy1799-03-12
    Sister     McGrew, Ann 1780
         McGrew, Reed 1782 1856-01-05
    Brother     McGrew, Robert
    Brother     McGrew, Joseph


Family of McGrew, Reed and Fulkerson, Mary

Married Wife Fulkerson, Mary ( * 1782-11-16 + 1865-03-23 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1803-05-05 Mercer County, Kentucky Religious Marriage 2
Event Note


1. Title: Beatty
Publication: Descendants of William or Joseph Beatty and ? or Mary ? or Mary McConnell

Name Birth Date Death Date
McGrew, Robert Fulkerson1804
McGrew, John Fulkerson1805-05-13
McGrew, Willis Brazel1807
McGrew, Sarah Graham1808-07-15
McGrew, Elmina18101836-04-17
McGrew, Parmenas Richard1812
McGrew, Andrew Jackson1815-04-01
McGrew, Margaret1817-03-06
McGrew, Oliver Hazzard Perry1819
McGrew, Mary Jane1820-12-26
McGrew, James Reed1822-08-18
McGrew, Valentine1824
McGrew, Elizabeth1825

Source References

  1. Merrill Schroeder: @ RootsWeb Gibson/Schroeder Roots
      • Source text:

        ID: I04637
        Name: (Wm) Reed MCGREW
        Sex: M
        Birth: ABT 1782 in Westmoreland, PA
        Death: 5 JAN 1856 in Grayson Co., KY
        Reference Number: 4954

        Father: Robert MCGREW
        Mother: Dorothy GRAHAM

        Marriage 1 Mary D E (Polly) FULKERSON b: 16 NOV 1782 in of Sussex/Sumerset Co, NJ/PA (?b Apr vs. Nov)
        Married: 5 MAY 1803 in Mercer Co, KY
        Robert Fulkerson MCGREW b: ABT 1804 in Ohio Co., KY
        John Fulkerson MCGREW b: 13 MAY 1805 in Ohio Co, KY
        Willis Brazil MCGREW b: ABT 1807 in Ohio Co, KY
        Sarah Graham MCGREW b: 15 JUL 1808 in Ohio Co, KY (or 5 Jun)
        Elmina MCGREW b: ABT 1810 in Ohio, KY
        Parmenas Richard MCGREW b: 1812 in Ohio Co, KY
        Andrew Jackson MCGREW b: 1 APR 1815 in Ohio Co., KY
        Margaret V\B MCGREW b: 6 MAR 1817 in Ohio/Grayson Co., KY
        Oliver Hazzard Perry MCGREW b: ABT 1819 in Grayson Co, KY
        Mary Jane MCGREW b: 26 DEC 1820 in Grayson Co, KY
        James Reed MCGREW b: 18 AUG 1822 in Grayson Co, KY (?born on 16th)
        Valentine MCGREW b: ABT 1824 in prob Grayson Co., KY
        Elizabeth MCGREW b: ABT 1825 in Grayson Co., KY


      • Citation:

  2. Merrill Schroeder: @ RootsWeb Gibson/Schroeder Roots