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"That's where my money's gone
 I spent it at the con
 I bought me everything a Trekker could want ..."
	- an old filksong, and the summary of my weekend at Shore Leave

The Star Trek Association of Towson's annual Shore Leave convention is
12 years old now.  As of the last count they announced on Sunday, over
1800 people registered for at least some of the weekend.  Saturday the
programming rooms and the dealers' room were packed.  This was my 10th
year there, I only missed I and IV.  They continue to bring in unusual
guests and an interesting variety of programming.  I'll start with the
Trek events, since it is basicly a Star Trek con, and then mention the
non-Trek things that will be of interest to the Alien Nation, Quantum
Leap and Beauty and the Beast fans over in, where this is
cross posted.  If you follow up part of it, please change the newsgroup
to whichever is appropriate.

The guests this year where Michael Westmore, make-up supervisor on
ST:TNG, Suzie Plakson (Dr. Selar and Keylahr), Colm Meaney (O'Brien),
assorted authors - Ann Crispin, Jeanne Dillard, Brad Ferguson, Bob
Greenberger and Howie Weinstein (ST novels) and Dennis Bailey and Lisa
White (2/3 of the writers on "Tin Man") and THE guest of honor - Jimmy

Tim's con report (article <1140@biar.UUCP> from lynch@biar.UUCP) already
covered the major guests in great detail, so I'll just do the rest of
the stuff.

Michael Westmore - Started with a slide show of interesting make-up
from various episodes with comments on how long it took, how parts were
made, etc.  Interesting tidbits: the Borg all have different eyes, the
make-up dept. scrounged anything round to give them some unique
features.  For early episodes next season they have to open up Data's
head again and part of his neck.

ST novel authors - I only got to the Howie and Bob show this year.
They had a list of the novels for the next year, but I couldn't write
fast enough to get it all down.  Howie has two TNG novels in that time,
there will be two more books in the Lost Years time frame, a number of
the other authors mentioned weren't familiar names.

Dennis Bailey and Lisa White - Local writers make the big time. They
pitched about a dozen story ideas to TNG and Tin Man, the adaptation of
the novel Tin Woodman, was chosen for a script that they were then
selected to write.  They had a very positive experience (other than
Lisa's name having to be combined with Dennis's in the writing credits)
and got to visit the set while the episode was being filmed.  It was an
unusual situation, their script was OKed one week and filmed the next,
with only very minor changes.  They like the idea from first season of
Data learning to paint, all their script ideas included some variation
on the scene in his quarters where Tam looks at the painting.  They
were afraid that scene might be cut, since it has the least to do with
the action part of the script.  They have sold another story, but don't
know yet whether they will script it or even if it will actually be

The Costume Gala - 55 entries, with the largest number in the ST
category, only a small number in SF and lots of Fantasy.  Lots of
incredible workmanship, especially some of the bead work.  Costumers
Guild in joke - the Deja Q costume being pulled for violating the "No
Costume is No Costume" rule.  Best in Show went to "Fairy Tales" for a
zebra centaur that also won a workmanship award for mechanical design
and for having the patience to piece the fake fur so that the stripes
ran like on a real zebra.  The Trek category winners were a mirror
universe Saavik, a Gorn and "Evening wear for a party at the Klingon

The Shore Leave Showcase - an original play this year by Cheap Treks,
with sets and everything, and they only had to consult the "fuel report"

video - I didn't have much time left for video, though I looked in
occasionally.  They had a movie room and an ST episode room again this

Art Show - WOW!  I wish I had the money and space for art.  Many nice
Beauty and the Beast pieces, lots of Trek as always, some Alien Nation
and a portrait of Sam and Al to die for.

Filk Sing - all the ususal Shore Leave performers, with new stuff like
Greg Baker's "Riker, Don't Push That Button" and the Denebian Slime
Devils' "See You in September".  The Boogie Knights had their own hour
show Saturday afternoon.

and yes, I did manage to drag myself out of bed in time for Rev.
Trekwell's Temple of Trek service Sunday morning.  This year they had a
children's service for the next generation.   Praise Trek!

***** non-Trek stuff:
The non-Trek panels I attended were on Beauty and the Beast and Alien
Nation, there wasn't a Quantum Leap panel, unfortunately, but I did get
new information for all three of these fandoms.  I spent loads in the
dealers' room, all on zines, and none of them were specifically Trek
(some Blake's Seven, Professionals, Beauty and the Beast, and mixed

Alien Nation:
No one had any new information, just the same rumors. It is *not* picked
up yet.  Pocket Books and at least one other company are interested in
doing original novels and have approached FOX for the rights.  Jean
Lorrah, Jaqueline Litchenburg and Roberta Rogow (the last two were at
the panel and provided this information) have all submitted story ideas
to Pocket that are being used in their pitch to FOX.

two AN zines I have flyers for are both looking for submissions:
Sardonac	(ed. Jean Lorrah)
Susan Ross Moore
1115 N. Indiana Ave.
Kokomo, In 46901

Alien Relations
Laurie Huff
1111 Dartmouth #214
Claremont, CA 91711

so send in your stories.

Beauty and the Beast:
Fortunately this panel cut short the 3rd season debate to go on to
better topics.  The novelization of Masques should be out any day now.
In the novelization of the pilot, Barbara Hambley put 12 references to
other things (like she did in her ST novel Ishmael).  The people there
that had read it could only identify 3, I haven't read it yet (now I'm
eager to, I had gotten it while I was quite fed up with B&B and put
it aside), so if you caught any more, please send them to me.  We also
discussed the many other versions of the fairy tale that have been
coming out lately in both books and film.

Quantum Beast - All's Well that Ends Well
Lee Kirkland
P.O. Box 420
Commerce City, CO 80037-0420

Yes it is what you think - and it solves everything!  It is set up like
a typical Quantum Leap episode, so we only see Sam's side.  I would have
liked to see Vincent's reaction in the waiting room.  I've forgotten
the specific price on this, send Lee a SASE.

Barbara L. B. Storey
Artemis Press
95 Blenheim Court
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598-1035

#2 is just out and huge, $21 by mail.

Quantum Leap:
Didn't find any T shirts, I'll have to break down and buy from Creation.
A number of dealers had buttons.  I already mentioned the wonderful zine
"Quantum Beast" above, but I also picked up zine flyers for the

Green Eggs and Ham
Mystery Frank
1009 Honey Creek Ct.
Lexington, KY 40502

Mysti is looking for submissions for her QL zine with a most imaginative
title (remember your Dr. Seuss and finish the rhyme if you don't get it).

CrosSignals #3
Sharon M. Palmer
3741 Evans Trail Way
Beltsville, MD 20705

The newest CrosSignals is out, for $10.50 by mail.  It has a lot of
Quantum Leap and a number of Beauty and the Beast stories in this issue.
I saw it at the con but I don't have my own copy yet, I'm a contributor.

Next Con for me - OktoberTrek, guests DeForest Kelley and Gates McFadden.
Mary Anne Espenshade
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