Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Will South Dakota voters rock the nation and send message to the establishment?

With the mainstream’s agenda of pushing Mitt Romney down Republican voters’ throats even though no one has clinched the nomination yet, will South Dakota provide some much needed push-back by coming out in droves in favor of the other candidate still in the race, Ron Paul?

Although it barely made a whisper in the national news, the fact is that the very first state that had polled Ron Paul in first place was actually South Dakota. This was way back in December when there was still a crowded field of challengers in the race. While a poll that old cannot be relied upon today, it is certainly an indicator of support that could be seized upon if there is a significant effort put forth by grassroots activists reminding voters that there are still 2 candidates left in this race.

The truth is that the Paul campaign has been racking up endorsements throughout South Dakota over the past week. Although the most recent comments made by Sioux Falls City Councilman, Kermit Staggers is not an official endorsement, it has gone mega viral over the last few days. In a recent op-ed written by Staggers in the Argus Leader, one of his last sentences has sparked the already burning flame of anti-establishment activism throughout the state.

If Romney wins overwhelmingly, the message would be that state Republicans are satisfied with their party’s presumptive nominee. But if Paul wins a large percentage of the vote plus delegates, the message would be that Republicans are not satisfied with Romney and/or that the cause of freedom and liberty still resonates in the hearts of South Dakotans.

The last line in that quote has been translated into a dialogue of: “Show the nation that South Dakota still fights for freedom and liberty. Vote for Ron Paul!” Possibly, nobody else could have done a better job at starting that message than South Dakota’s own “Dr. No”. Current Sioux Falls City Councilman Kermit Staggers earned that nickname while serving 8 years in the State Senate. You might say he was the “Ron Paul” of the state legislature fighting against unnecessary spending.

Ron Paul’s campaign has acknowledged 2 official endorsements from South Dakota recently. State Representative Jon Hansen of Dell Rapids stated, “Ron Paul’s consistency and integrity goes unmatched in today’s political environment.” On the complete opposite side of the state, Rapid City Councilman Jordan Mason stated in his official endorsement, “I stand for strong fiscal policy. I stand for solving our problems at home before we try to solve other countries’ problems abroad. I stand for liberty and I stand for the American dream. And so I stand for Ron Paul.”

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