Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whatcom GOP sees flood of precinct filings from Ron Paul supporters

Ron Paul supporters filed en masse to run for Republican Party precinct committee officers, grass-roots elected seats that will be on this year’s primary election ballot.

The goal, said one PCO race newcomer, is to return the party to the principles it used to have.

“It needs to change,” said Greg Parsons, who is running against PCO Kathy Kershner. “I do have some issues with establishment Republicans. On the contrary, I think we are, in fact, the real, true conservative Republicans.”

PCO seats, elected every two years, often receive no interest, or only one person files. This year, because of a flood of interest in Republican PCO seats, many more contested races will be on the ballot.

Republican Party PCOs vote on endorsements and select local party leadership, something the newly elected and re-elected officers will do this December.

Of 152 Republican PCO races, 63 have two or more candidates, according to Whatcom County Auditor’s Office data. Only the contested races will appear on the ballot.

In comparison, of the Democratic Party’s 60 races, only five are contested.

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