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 Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine
Volume 2, Issue 9
June 1999

Demo Disc

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4
Players: 1-4
Availability: May
Analog Controller: Yes
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Genre: Racing

What is it?: The fourth game in Namco's popular Ridge Racer series. Some Gran Turismo-esque features have been added to the series' traditional arcade-style play.

Why you should care: Eight tracks (four courses, two versions of each) and 320 cars, a body shop for changing your cars' colors and textures, one-player Gran Prix and two-to-four player versus and time attack modes.

Our advice: Go really fast and don't hit things. All rightr, it also helps if you powerslide around corners. Going into a turn, release the accelerator, rotate your card to plot the escape vector, then floor it! Try to bump opponents in nasty and unforgiving ways to maintain your lead.

OPM psychic sez: "This series continues to be the arcade racing experience. R4 is for those who found Gran Turismo as much fun as driving school. It passed our driving test with flying colors, earning a four-disc rating."


Elmo's Letter Adventure
Players: 1
Availability: Now
Analog Compatible: Yes
Developer: NewKidCo
Publisher: NewKidCo
Genre: Miscellaneous

What is it?: In the year 2099, a bizarre retro-virus has destroyed all forms of written language. Unable to communicate, mankind has regressed to a feral primitive state. Out of the ashes of the post-apocalyptic landscape arises one who would neutralize the virus, restore the alphabet and rebuild civilization - all before naptime. And mankind's red-furred savior has a name: Elmo.

Ha! That's tickles! OK, so most of the game really takes place on a letter farm, where Elmo walks and pogo-sticks through verdant hills searching for__.well, letter. And therein lies the adventure.

What to expect in the final: The entire alphabet! Yep, a whopping 26 letters in all.

Our advice: If you can read this sentence, you probably don't need our advice.

OPM psychic sez: "There's something oddly relaxing about guiding Elmo around, over, under and through the phonetic landscape. And then doing it again. And again. And again. Twenty-six times. You get the point. Check out Review Recap for more info." 
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