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 Nintendo Power
Issue Number 52
September 1993
page 87

The Making of Super The Empire Strikes Back

available for variety, like Luke's eight Jedi Force power, more digitized voices, more animated cinema scenes and new graphic effects.

What does Kalani hope to add to the Star Wars Legacy? "I hope that the games expand the Star Wars world," he says. "With every game you make, that world becomes more real. We're bringing it to life." In fact, the reality may become further blurred in the future as LucasArts' special effects magicians at Industrial Light & Magic and the gaming group delve into each other's fields. Someday there may be no division. In the meantime, that matt painting of the Moon of Endor in his office reminds Kalani that there are new worlds to conquer, and the next is Super Return of the Jedi! 
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