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Wade4Warinus2Wessex Princess1William Count of Burgundy1Winkle Immigrant, van 1
Wadham1Warr2Wessex Princess of England1William Count of Poitou1Winnington1
Waiet1Warren21Wessex Under-king of Kent1William Count of Toulouse1Winslow2
Walbeck1Warren, De 3West8William Earl Salisbury1Winter1
Walchigise, Count of Verdon1Warren Countess of Warwick1West Franks, the 8William I "The Conqueror" King of England1Winters1
Waldrada (Valtrude)1Warren, Earl of Warren & Surrey 6th, de 1Westfriesland Ct of Holland, Von 1William I 'the Pious' III Duke of Aquitaine1Wiprand1
Waldrada of Lombards1Warren, Earl of Warren & Surrey 7th, de 1Westfriesland of Holland, Von 1William I Count of Nevers +1Witcher1
Waldrada of Wormgau1Warrene, de 8Weston12William I Count of Toulouse Saint1Wizeslau1
Waldrat1Warrene Knight1Westphalia2William I The Lion Of Scotland1Wladislav II Prince of Poland1
Waleries1Washburn1Westphalia, De 1William II1Wladiwoj1
Waleries Sir knight1Wassenberg, Von 4Wetterau6William II Cnt of Angouleme1Wladymirovitch Grand Prince of Kiev1
Wales3Wasteneys2Wetterau II Duke of Lotharingia, Von 1William II Holy Roman Emperor, Count of Holland1WlLLINGTON2
Wales, de 1Watkins1Wetterau [Duke of Lorraine]1William II Rufus King of England1Woburn1
Walker4Watt1Whalesboro1William III "Towhead" Count Poitiers1Wolcott1
Walkington2Way1Whalesboro Knight1William IV "Iron Arms", Count of Poitou1Wolf1
Wall1Wedelphus of the Ostrogoths King of the Thuringians1Whalesborough1William IV 'Atheling' Duke of Normandy1Wolfratshausen, von 1
Wallace2Weed2Whalesborough Baroness1William IV Cnt of Angouleme1Wolsung2
Wallesborow2Wehling11Wheeler28William IV Count Of Toulouse Ct.of Toulouse1Wood1
Walpert Count von Threcwitgau1Welborn7Wheeler, Jr1William IX Duke Of Aquitaine1Woodard1
Walram, Count Of Limburg1Welborn, Sr.1Whelpeley1William Margrave of Sep-1Woodward2
Walram, Duke Of Limburg1Welburn3Whelton1William Prince England1Woody34
Walse Lord of Anlep1Weldelphus King of Thuringia1Whetman1William Prince Normandy1Workington1
Walsh2Welf1Whiston2William Prince of England1Worksop1
Walsmith2Welf I (Guelph I) Count of Andech1White19William V Duke De Aquitaine1Wormgau2
Walter2Welf I, Duke Of Bavaria Duke of Bavaria1White", Princess of Poland1William V Duke Of Aquitaine, Count Of Poitou1Wormgau Waildruth1
Walters1Welles4Whitern Bishop of Whitern1William VIII , Duke of Aquitaine1Worms2
Waltheof Earl of Huntington1Welles, De 3Whitney14William X "the Saint" Duke De Aquitaine1Worms, *1
Walton2Welles "Dau of Lord Chancellor", de 1Whitney Sir1William, Count of Autun1Wormsgau6
Wambert2Welles "Lord Chancellor of Ireland", de 1Whitty2Williams13Worsley6
Ward4Welles Baron1Wicbert1Willington4Worsley, de 11
Warde5Welles Baroness Scrope1Wickmann1Willington Knight1Woulgrim Count of Angouleme1
Warden1Welles [Baron Welles]1Wigeric Count Palatine of Aachen1Williswint of Wormgau1Wray1
Wardley, de 2Wellom2Wigmund1Wilmot1Wren1
Warenne4Wells3Wilburga1Wilsforde Or Waisforde1Wrenbury2
Warenne, De 1Wells, Bishop of Lincoln1Wilcox1Wilson3wrenoc, de 1
Warenne (Warren)1Wenden, Von 2Wildman2Wiltshire2Wriothesley1
Warenne 2nd Earl Of Surrey1Wennonwen1Wiles1Winchester, De 2Wrothesley1
Warenne 3rd Earl Of Surrey1Wenwynwyn Prince of Powis1Wilke1Windles1--
Warenne Lord Of Wormgay1Wessels1Wilkinson2Windsor3--
Warenne, Countess Of Warwick, De 1Wessex3Willa of Provence1Windsor, De 3--
Warin1Wessex, of 1William1Winkle, van 6--