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Ufford2Umfreville Parson of Ovingham1Unknown Edith of Saxony1Unroch III Marquess di1Urgust1
Ufford, d'1Underwood3Unknown Holy Roman Empre3Unroch, Conte di Fruili1Uros Vulkan1
Ufford, De 1Unknown101Unknown I1Unruoch1Urraca1
Ufford Sir1Unknown Concubine1Unknown II1Uppsala2Urraca Affonsez Portugal Queen of Leon1
Ufford, Justice of Ireland, d'1Unknown Count d'Autun1Unknown King of Burgundy1Urach, von 1Urraca Queen of Leon and Castile1
Ulfhide, Princess of Saxony1Unknown D O Transjurane1Unknown King of Italy & Emperor..1Uras1Usflete Knight1
Ulrich I , Count of Argengau1Unknown Duchess of Swabi1Unknown of Meran1Urgel4Utford1
Umfreville5Unknown Duke1Unknown Swabia1Urgel, d'2Utterbach2
Umfreville Baron Prudhoe2Unknown Duke of Alsace1Unknown [Concubine]1Urgel Barcelon [Margrave of Got1Uzes1
Umfreville Earl of Angus1Unknown Duke of Brittany1UnknownI1Urgel of Barcelelona1--