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Pace2Payne Of Ipswich1Perigord1Picot1Plantagenet, Provost of Beverly1
Paen1Payne Of Nowton1PerozV, Sassanid , Of Persia1Picquigny4Plectrude of Aquitaine1
Paganel1Paynel3Perracy1Picquigny Comte1Plessis2
Paganell Lord of Dudley1Paynel or Bainard1Perrecey, de 1Picts2Plessis , De 1
Paganell or Paynell Lord of Dudley1Paynel or Pagnel Lord of Dudley1Persdotter1Pierre, St. 1Plumpton3
Paine18Paynell1Pershale 2 husband1Pierre Prince France1Plunket Lord Of Killeen1
Palatina1Pearce2Pershale Knight1Pierre [Bishop of Noyon1Plunkett40
Palmer5Peasfurlong2pershall1Pierrepont1Plunkett Lord1
Pamplona3Peche1pershall 1 husband1Pierson2Plunkett Sir1
Pamplona King2Pedro II King of Aragon1Persia4Piggott5Poitiers9
Pamplona Prince1Pedro III King of Aragon1Peter Arch Dcn Lincoln1Pike2Poitiers, de 3
Pamplona Princess2Pendergraft1Petronillo1Pilkington4Poitiers Prince of Antioch1
Pantolph1Pendragon1Peverel6Pilkington Knight1Poitiers, Count of Toulouse, de 1
Pantolph (pantulf)1Peninton1Peverel, De 5Pipard1Poitou1
Pantulf8Peninton, De 1Peverel, of Nottingham2Pircsmesser1Poitou, De 2
Papak, Sassanid , Of Persia1Pennington1Peverell8Pitres1Poitou Princess of Aquitaine1
Papia1Pennock2Peyferer3Pitres, De 1Poitou)1
Papinilla3Pepin "The Hunchback", King of Italy King of Italy1Peyton1Pitres Sherriff Gloucester1Poitou, V Duke d'Aquitaine1
Paris12Pepin I De Landen Mayor of the Palace1Pfalzel1Pitts2Pol, St. 1
Paris, de 3Pepin I of Senlis1Pharamond King of Westphalia1Placida1Pol Countess of Montreuil, St. 1
Park1Pepin II "The Fat" Of Austrasia1Philadelphos1Plaise1Poland1
Parke20Pepin II Count of Senlis1Philip II Duke of Sawbia1Plaiz5Pole16
Parke IV1Pepin III "the Short" King of the Franks1Philip III Capet, King of France1Plantagenet22Pole, de la 2
Parker2Pepin IV of Valois1Philip IV Capet, King of France1Plantagenet (de Warenne) Baroness Percy1Pole Prince of Upper Powis1
Parma1PepinI, King of Aquitaine1Philip Prince England1Plantagenet 2 E Cornwall1Pole Sir1
Parma, *1Perche1Philip V Capet, King of France1Plantagenet Baroness Mowbray1Pole [Baroness Scrope]1
Parr1Perche, de 4Philippa1Plantagenet Baroness Percy1Polotzk1
Parr (Sir)2Percy23Philippa of Hainault1Plantagenet Countess 0f Norfolk1Polotzk, Von 1
Parr Baron of Horton1Percy, De 5Philippe I "The Fair" King of France1Plantagenet Countess of Arundel1Pomeroy2
Parre2Percy 1 E Northumberland1Philippe II King France1Plantagenet Earl of Lancaster1Pomeroy, of Berry Pomeroy, Sir2
Parre (Sir), De 2Percy Baron Percy2Philippe Prince France2Plantagenet Miss1Poncia1
Paskwitan1Percy Baroness Clifford1Philipson2Plantagenet of Acre1Pons III1
Passger1Percy Bishop of Norwich1Phillip II (Augustus) King of France (1180-1223)1Plantagenet Prince of England1Pontaudemer, de 1
Passmore1Percy Count of Louvain & Brabant1Phillipa1Plantagenet, Archbishop of York1Ponteaudeme, De 1
Pastor, De 1Percy Knight1Phillipe [Dean-St Martin]1Plantagenet, Countess of Ulster1Ponthieu12
Pátraic1Percy Lord1Phillips4Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester1Ponthieu, de 5
Patrick6Percy Lord of dalton, 3 son surviving1Philostrogos1Plantagenet, Duke\Lancaster 1st1Ponthieu Count of Ponthieu1
Patterson1Percy Lord of Linton1Pickard3Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster 2nd1--
Paulinus2Percy Lord of Semar1Pickering3Plantagenet, Earl Of Surrey1--
Payne10Percy, Sir1Pickett15Plantagenet, of Beaufort1--
Payne 1 wife1Perell2Pickford1Plantagenet, Princess of England1--