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Mabie1Maine Ct. de Maine, de 1Manzer Ct.Poitou &Auvergne,Duc d'Aquitaine1Marr2Matthews2
Mabira of Caen1Mainwaring31Marca1Marshal1Mattson1
Mac1Mainwaring, de 1Marche4Marshal, Sir, Earl of Pembroke 4th1Maud Countess Of Flanders- Queen of England1
Mac Crinan King of Scotland1Mainwaring 2 wife1Marche, de 2Marshall23Maud of Alencon1
Mac Murchada1Mainwaring Justice Of Chester1Marche Heiress la Haute Marche, De La 1Marshall Baron1Maud Princess England1
MacAlpine1Mainwaring, Sir, of Warmincham1Marcian1Marshall Countess of Cornwall1Maud Princess of France1
MacBRICC1Mainz2Marcomir1Marshall Earl of Pembroke3Maudit1
macDiarmata King of Leinster & Dublin1Makir Duke of Toulouse1Marcomir Duke of the East Franks1Marshall, Countess Of Norfolk1Maudlin1
MacGregor13Malahide1Marcomir IV , King of the Franks1Marsham1Mauduit6
MacGregor 4th Chief1MalaricI, First King of Franks in ToxandrieI1Mare, de La 3Marshill62Mauduit, Baron Mauduit, de 1
MacGregor 5th Chief1Malbank baron1Marechal, Le 1Martel3Mauleon, de 1
Mackie4Malbank heiress1Maredudd5Martel, de 1mauley2
MacLachlan3Malcolm I , King of Scotland1Maredydd1Martell2Mauley Baron Mauley1
MacMáil na mBó King of Ireland1Malcolm II , King of Scotland1Mareets, des 2Martin17Maunder1
macMurchada King of Leinster1Malcolm III "Longneck" Canmore, King Of Scotland1Mareets (Demarest), de 1Marvin18Maunt1
MacMurrough King1Malcolmsdottir1Mareets Immigrant, des 1Marvin I1Maur2
MacMurrough King of Leinster1Malet15Mareschal4Marvin II1Maurice1
Macon12Malet Great Chamberlain of England1Mareschal, Le 1Marvin III1Maurienne, de 3
Macon, de 4Malet Sire de Graville1Mareshal1Marvin Lieut.1Maurienne, Count of Savoy, de 3
Macon Count1Malin1Margaret2Mary3Mawley1
Macon Countess1Malk1Margaret Capet of France1Mask3Mawley Lord of Mawley1
Macon, & Salins1Mallory1Margaret Of Huntingdon1Mason14Mawr2
MacOn, Autun & Vexin, of 1Malmqvist2Margaret of Lancashire1Massey26Maxwell1
Macon, Auxonne1Malpas3Margaret Queen of Scotland Princess of England1massey 2 wife1May2
Macon, Cte de Macon et d'Auxonne, de 1Malpas, de 1Marguerite Princess France2Massey Lord Of Puddington1Mayenne1
Macon, Vienne1Manasses2Marguerite Queen Navarre1Massey Sir3Mayeul , Vicount of Narbonne1
Macrory1Manchester1Marguerite Queen of England1Master1mBó1
Macy1Mandeville3Maria2Mathews1Mc Laughlin5
Maddan King of Britain1Mandeville, De 8Maria, Princess of Bohemia1Mathilde , Queen Of England1Mc Pherson1
Madelgard , Holy Roman Empress Holy Roman Empress1Mandeville, Countess Of Essex, De 1Marie1Mathilde Princess of the Franks1McBryant1
Madoc1Mandeville, Countess\Essex, de 1Marie AbbessShaftesbur1Matilda1McClemmy3
Madog10Mandeville, Earl of Essex 5th, de 1Marie de France1Matilda (Maud) Empress of England1McCoy1
Maer1Manfred II, Count of Susa1Marie Jeanne of Ponthieu Countess of Ponthieu1Matilda Countess of Boulogne1McCracken3
Magister1Manfredi Marquis of Tur1Marie Princess France2Matilda of Brabant Countess1McDonald Lord of Galloway1
Magnus2Manfrido II Marchese di Torino1Mariozia Senatrix & Patria of Rome1Matilda of Burgundy1McFarland2
Magnus, Count of Paris Duke of France1Mann3Maris8Matilda of France, Queen of Burgundy1McFarlane1
Mahaud Cts Champagne1Mannesson1Mariya1Matilda Princess of England1McGuffin1
Mahaut1Manney2Marle1Matilda Queen of England1--
Maine9Manning2Marle, de 1Matson10--
Maine, de 1Mansel2Marlette1Mattathias1--
Maine, Du 3Mantes Earl1Marmion2Matthat2--