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Cadell3Canute King of Denmark1Castile, de 2Champneys1Chaworth [Sir Knight]1
Cadelon I of Aubnay1Capet15Castile of1Chandler1Chaworth, Sir, Lord Kidwelly, de 1
Cadelon II of Aubigny1Capet Princess of France1Castile Queen1Chapelle1Cheek1
Cadwalladr1Capet, De Courtenay Emporer Of Constantinople1Castile, Archbishop of Seville, de 1Chapley1Cheevers1
Cadwgon3Capoir1Castile, Archbishop of Toledo\Seville, de 1Chapman3Chelles2
Caellaide, O'2Caradog King of Gwynedd1Castle1Charibert I Franks1Cheney2
Caen5Carcassonne16Caswallon1CharibertII, King of Aquitaine1Cheresy1
Caenmore1Carden12Cathay1Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor of West1Cherlton7
Cailly, de 1Cardinam1Catherine1Charles "The Hammer" Martel, Duke of the Franks Duke of the 1Chesney Adelaide de '1
Caldwell1Cardinam, & Blyngton3Caudle1Charles Duke of Lorrain1Chester2
Caltoft1Cardinam, of Cotleigh1Caus, de 1Charles II "The Bald" Holy Roman Emperor1Chester, de 3
Caltoft [Sir Knight]1Cardinham1Caux, De 2Charles II King Naples1Chevers18
Calvalcamp1Carels1Cauz2Charles III "The Simple" King of Franks1Chevers "2nd Justice of The Court of Common Pleas"1
Calvert7Carelsz1Cauz, de 1Charles IV Capet, King of France1Chevers "Grand Seneschal For Wexford"1
Camber Duke of Cambria-Cornwall1Carelszen1Cavalcamp Baron1Charles King Jerusalem1Chevers "Lord of Tartaya Cnty Meath"1
Cambernon, de 5Carent1Cenred, Under-King of Sussex1Charles of Lotharingia, Duke of Lorraine Duke of Lower Lorra1Chevers "Oyal Manor of Esker, County Dublin"1
Cambernowne, de 4Carie1Centerville1Charles the Younger1Chidioc 2 wife1
Cambrai4Carlisle1Cerdanya I Of Urgell1Charleton1Chidiock1
Cambray1Carloman1Ceva, De 1Charleton, de 2CHIDiOCK Sir1
Cambria2Carloman Carolingian King of the Franks1Chadaloh I of Friuli1Chartes1Chidiocke1
Camora, de 1Carloman Mayor of the Palace1Chaddeston2Chartres1Chidiocke Baroness Stourton1
Camoys5Carloman Mayor of the Palace Grifo1Chalfant1Chateau-Du-Loir, De 1Chidioke Sir1
Camoys, de 3Carloman, Mayor of the Palace1Challes1Chateau-du-Loire, du 1Chief of the Franks3
Camoys 1 lord camoys1Carmack1Chalon3Ch√Ęteaudun1Child7
Camoys Baron Camoys1Carminow18Chalon, Duke of Burgundy1Chateaudun, de 1Child Jr1
Camp3Carminow Knight1Chalons6Chatellerault1Child Sr1
Camulod1Carolingian1Chalons, Count of Macon1Chatellerault, de 2Childebert I King of Franks1
Camville2Carolingian Dynasty Princess of the West Franks1Chalons-sur-Marne1Chatellerault Duchess1Childebert II of Austrasia & Neustria1
Camville Countess of Salisbury1Carolingians1Chambers5Chatillon1Childebert III King of the Franks1
Canaan1Carolingians of Burgundy1Chambers Mr.1Chatillon, de 2Childebert King of Cologne1
Canady3Carolingians [Emperor]1Chamess1Chatillon-Sur-Loing1ChildebertIII, King of all Franks1
Candavene Count of St Pol1Carolingians [Princess]1Chamness15Chatworth3Childebrand I of Austrasia1
Canmore3Carpenter1Chamniss1Chaucombe2Childebrande , Duke of Swabia (Savoy)1
Canmore (Crusader) Earl of Huntingdon1Carr1Champagne5Chaucombe, De 2Childeric2
Canmore King of Scotland1Carrington1Champagne, de 4Chaumont1Childeric I1
Canmore Princess of Scotland1Carter11Champagne Count1Chaworth12Childeric I King of the Franks1
Cantilupe1Cashat1Champaigne, de 1Chaworth, De 4Childeric II King of Burgundy1
Cantilupe, de 2Casstevens1Champernon4Chaworth Knight2--
Cantilupe, Kings High Steward, de 1Castamonita1Champernon Sir, Knight1Chaworth Mrs.1--
Cantilupe, Lord Tre-Cantlow, de 1Castell1Champeron1Chaworth Sir Knight1--
Canu1Castellion, De 1Champion1Chaworth [Baroness]1--