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, Count Of Hornbach1, Duke Of Neustria3, Of Agilofinges1, Of Scheldt3, Queen Of Cologne1
, Count Of Neustria1, Heiress of Endellion1, Of Hornbach2, Of Scheldt, Of Austrasia1, Queen Of Paris1
, Count Of Poitiers1, King Of Austrasia1, Of Hornbach And Treves, Count Of Wido1, Of Thuringia, Queen Of The Franks1, Saint, Archbishop Of Lyons1
, Count Of Soissons1, King Of Paris1, Of Kent, Princess Of Cologne1, Of Verdon1, Saint, Bishop Of Metz1
, Countess Of Treves1, King Of The Franks1, Of Lobdengau1, Of Vitrey1, Saint, Bishop Of Treves1
, Duchess Of Austrasia1, Lady Of Old Saxony1, Of Neustria, Chancellor Of Palatine1, Of Vitrey, Archbishop Of Lyons1, The Old, King Of The Franks1
, Duchess Of Burgundy1, Lady Of Paris1, Of Perthois1, Princess Of Saxony1, The Parricide, King Of Cologne1
, Duke Of Burgundy1, Mayor Of Austrasia1, Of Poitiers1, Princess Of Thuringia1--