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...478 Earl1(de Chateau-du-Loire)1, Of Hornbach And Treves, Count Of Wido1Adalbert1
"Dau of Lord of Killeen"1 Earl of East Anglia1(de France)1, Of Kent, Princess Of Cologne1Adalbert III Count de Longwy1
, Of Kabul1 Earl of Kildare1(de Grandeson)2, Of Lobdengau1Adalbert III Margrave of Tuscany1
1 wife1 Earl of Mercia1(de Normandie)1, Of Neustria, Chancellor Of Palatine1Adalbertus1
1 wife or woman1 Edesse, D'1(de Rouen)1, Of Perthois1Adalind, Holy Roman Empress Holy Roman Empress1
2 wife2 Emp. of Holy Roman Empire2(de St. Hilary)1, Of Poitiers1Adalric, Duke of Alsace Duke of Alsace1
A Concubine1 Emperor of the Holy Roman1(de Vermandois)1, Of Scheldt3Adams2
Abbess1 Emperor of the Roman Emp1(de Warenne)1, Of Scheldt, Of Austrasia1Adcock1
Albetot, D'1 Empress of the Byzantine1(Edvina), Grand Duchess of Novgorod1, Of Thuringia, Queen Of The Franks1Adela Princess of England1
Anjou, D'6 Empress of the Roman Empire1(Holland)1, Of Verdon1Adelaide2
Aubigny, D'6 Eu, D'1(Huano), King of the Franks1, Of Vitrey1Adelaide (Blanche) of Anjou1
Aunou, D'1 I1(Lucius), King of Siluria1, Of Vitrey, Archbishop Of Lyons1Adelaide of Burgundy- Adelaide de Chalon1
Bishop1 King of Burgundy1(Maria)1, Princess Of Saxony1Adelaide of France1
Bishop of Auxerre1 King of Poland1(Marius), King of Siluria1, Princess Of Thuringia1Adelaide Prince of Hungary1
child1 King Of Sweden1(Mirud), Arcasid1, Queen Of Cologne1Adelais Princess France1
Concubine2 Knight1(Mullins)1, Queen Of Paris1Adelbert2
Concubine 111 Margrave of Nordgau1(Riddlesdale)2, Saint, Archbishop Of Lyons1Adelbert, Duke of Alsace Duke of Alsace1
Concubine 121 Margrave of the Nordgau1(Ungust), King of the Picts1, Saint, Bishop Of Metz1Adele2
Concubine 131 Monk1(Unknown)4, Saint, Bishop Of Treves1Adele Alix of France Capet1
Concubine 22 mrs botetourt1(V)1, The Old, King Of The Franks1Adelheid2
Concubine 31 of Alycel1(VI)1, The Parricide, King Of Cologne1Adeloyse 1
Concubine 81 of Normandy1(VIII)131Adewis the Plantagenet1
Count of Anjou2 of Ohningen1(Warren)113Adger3
Count of Brunswick2 of Saxony1, Count Of Hornbach1 Princess England1Adger Princess1
Count of Burgundy & Macon1 of the Palatinate1, Count Of Neustria15Adilsson1
Count of Flanders1 of Westphalia1, Count Of Poitiers1?3Adkins1
Count of Poitou2 Prince1, Count Of Soissons1? Count of Montreuil1Adlaga1
Count of Provence2 Prince France1, Countess Of Treves1??3Adlebert1
Count of Savoy2 Prince of Antioch1, Duchess Of Austrasia1Aaron1Adoi David1
Count of Spires1 Princess France1, Duchess Of Burgundy1Abbe1Adulphus1
Count of Venaisson1 Princess of England1, Duke Of Burgundy1Abbess of Hasnon1Aeflaed1
Countess of Alsace1 Sheriff of Lincolnshire1, Duke Of Neustria3Abbess of Notre Dame1Aelfgifu1
d'AUVERGNE , Ct. d'Auvergne et Poitiers1'Megas', King of Syria1, Heiress of Endellion1Abbess of Saint Radegund1Aelfgifu [Aelgifu; Elgiva] of England1
de Poitou , Comte de Poitou,Duc d'Aquitaine1(?)1, King Of Austrasia1Abbetot, d'2Aelgifu (Adele) or Edgiva (Eadgifu) of England1
Duke1(Arviragus), King of Siluria1, King Of Paris1Abbot of Ely1Aelgifu (Elifgifu) Princess of England1
Duke Of Aquitaine3(Aubri) II Count of Dammartin1, King Of The Franks1Abbot of Saint Medard Soiss1Aelgifu Of Scotland, Queen1
Duke of Brittany1(Aza)1, Lady Of Old Saxony1Abbot of Saint-Germain1Aethelfryth, Princess of the Anglo-Saxons1
Duke of Lower Lorraine1(Bois) Boys, de 1, Lady Of Paris1Abbott3--
Duke of Schwabia1(d' Ivrea)1, Mayor Of Austrasia1Abercrombie1--
Duke of Swabia1(d'Auxerre)1, Of Agilofinges1Abstartus1--
Ealdorman1(de Beaugency)1, Of Hornbach2Ada1--