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Oakes1Ogilvie, Earl of Angus2Oliva, Count of Cerdagne and Besalu1Orrubu, de 1Otto, Count of Chiny1
Oalchlaen1Ogilvy8Oliver1Orseolo2Otto, Count of Dachau1
Oatillo1Ogle35Olivier1Ortenberg2Otto, Count of Diessen1
Obda1Ogle, De 4Olivier, Viscount de Dinan1Ortiaco, De 1Otto, Count of Guelders1
Obed1Ogne1Olmuach1Ortiga1Otto, Count of Modena and Canossa1
Oberdeck2Ogvek1Olney1Orval, de 3Otto, Count of Scheyern1
Oberto, Count of Lucca1Ohningen, Von 4Olson5Orval-Aureavilla, de 1Otto, Count of Warcq1
ObertoI, Marquis of Liguria1Oiliolla1Olthoff5Osado', King of Portugal & Algarve1Otto, Count of Zutphen1
ObertoII, Marquis of Savona and Liguria1Oilliol1Oltigen1Osbern, Earl of Devon and Hereford1Otto, Count Palatine in Bavaria1
Obotrites7Oilly, d'4Olympias1Osberne1Otto, Duke of Bavaria2
Octa1Oisy, d'6Oneca1Osbert2Otto, Duke of Lower Bavaria1
Octavia II1Ola1Onken7Osborn2Otto, Duke of Swabia2
Octavian, Governor of Macedonia1Olaf1Onley3Osgathorpe, De 1Otto, Holy Roman Emperor2
Octavian, High King of the Britons1Olafsdatter1Onundsson1Osgood11Otto, Margrave of Brandenburg1
Oda2Olafsdatter, Queen of Denmark1Orboda1Oshin, King of Lampron1Ottocar, Count of Loeben1
Odais1Olafsdatter, Queen of Norway1Orc2Oshin, Prince of Lampron1OttoI, Marquis de Montferrat1
Odard1Olafsdottir1Orca1Osoriz1OttoIV, Holy Roman Emperor1
Odelgarde1Olafsdottir, Princess of Man1Ordgar1Ossa1Otton1
Odile1Olafsson7Ordgarsson1Ossorio, de 1Overett1
Odilie1Olafsson, King in Uppsala1OrdonoI, King of the Asturias1Ossory5Overton6
Odin1Olafsson, King of Norway1Ordulph1Ossory, King of Ossory1Oviedo, De 3
Odingsells, D'3Olafsson, King of Sweden2OrdunoII, King of Lâeon1Ostmark1Owain26
Odingsells, de 1Olafsson, King of Vestfold1OrdunoIII, King of Lâeon1Ostofrancus"1Owain, King of Deheubarth1
Odingsells, Justiciar of Ireland, D'1Olava1Ordway1Ostragoths, De 1Owain, King of Morgannwg1
Odinsells, D'3Old", King of all Franks1Oriel1Ostrogoths, De 4Owain, Prince of Gwynedd1
Odinsson1Old", Prince of Great Poland1Orieldis1Oswold1Owain, Prince of No. Wales1
Odo2Oldenburg4Orlaith1Ota, Duke of Moravia1Owain, Prince of North Wales1
Odo, Duke of Aquitaine1Oldenburg, Von 2Orlando1Otakar1Owain, Prince of South Wales1
Odola1Oldenburg, Princess of Denmark2Orleans4Otakar, Prince of Bohemia1Owen14
Odomir1Oldfield1Orléans, de 2OtakarI, King of Bohemia1Owens1
Odon1Oldrich2Orléans, Abbess de Fontevrault, de 1OtakarII, King of Bohemia1Oxton1
Odonic, Prince of Kalisch and Poland1Oldrich, Duke of Bohemia1Orléans, Count of Angoulême, D'1Otelhilde of Franconia1Oxton, de 1
Odrud1Oldsworth1Orléans, Duke of Orleans & Milan, de 1Othelhildis1Oyli, D'2
Oeuillets, Des 1Oleg2Orme5Other1Oyly, D'4
Oever1Olegovich, Grand Duke of Kiev1Ormsby3Otho3Ozias, King Of Judah1
Oever, De 1Olga2Orreby1Othon-Guillaume1--
Offa1Oliba, Count of Carcassonne2Orreby, de 11OthonIV, Count de Bourgogne1--
Oghaman1Olioll1Orreby, Justice of Chester, de 1Ottarsson, King in Uppsala1--