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...7700 Countess of Poitiers1 of Germans, Abbess of Notre Dame1Abrincis, de 1Agrippina1
(Count)8 de Barcelona1 of Holy Roman Empire3Abstartus1Aguillon5
(Earl)3 deSaxony1 of Huntingdon1Achiulf1Aiccid1
(King)4 Donjon, d'1 of Italy2Acker3Aidan1
(Marquis)1 Duchess of Lorraine1 of Normandy3Acton, de 2Aife1
(Princess)1 Duke1 of Northumbria1Ada1Aigle1
(Queen)5 Duke of Normandy2 of Norway1Adalbert Duke of Alsace1Aigle, l'1
, Count of Flanders1 Duke of Saxony3 of Poland3Adalbertus1Ailill1
, Danish Earl of Notheumbria2 Earl1 of Polotsk1Adalhard1Aires2
, Earl of Hunington2 Earl of Douglas2 of Saxony1Adalind1Alafon1
, King of Albany1 Earl of Mercia1 of Scotland6Adam1Alain1
, King of England1 Echafour, D'1 of Swabia2Adams12alamania, D'3
, King of France1 Enincourt, D'1 of Swabia, Margrave of Austria1Adela1Alan3
, King of Ireland1 Estratlinges, D'6 of the Germans1Adelbert II1Alan I1
, King of Mercia1 Estratlinges Knt., D'1 of Tuscany2Adelbertus1Alanora1
, King of Scots1 Eu & Brionne, D'1 of Woodstock2Adelburge1Alba1
, Lord of the Isles1 Evereaux, D'2 Oilly, D'2Adele1Alberich1
, Markgraf in West Friesland1 Evereux, D'1 Oyley, D'1Adele, Of 1Albini14
, Prince of England1 Evreux, D'3 Oyly, d'3Adelheim, of 1albini, D'1
, Thane of the Isles3 Heiress of Scone1 Saint2Adelindis1Albini, de 5
Alsace, D'2 Jermye1 Steward of Normandy1Adeliza2Albini, 1st Lord of Belvoir1
Angouleme, D'2 King of Alba1 Underking of Vestfold1Adelrad1Albini, Heiress of Belvoir1
Anjou, D'43 King of Hungary1 von Amergau1Adhamnan1Albini, Lord of Belvoir1
Apulia, D'1 King of Kent1#11Adilsson2Albiniaco, de 1
Artois, D'2 King of Normandy1#21Adolph II1Albon1
Artois Queen Of Navarre, D'1 King of Scotland1#41Adonay1Albon, d'6
Aubeney, D'1 King of Selund1(Alicia)1Aed1Albon, Dauphin deViennois, d'1
Aubigny, D'4 King of Sweden1(Perverel)1Aelfgifu1Albreda1
Aubnay, d'1 King West Saxons1-23Aelflaeda1Albuquerque2
Augusta2 Nevers, d'111Aetheling1Alby, de 6
Auveranches, d'2 of Alsace121Affeton2Alcwn1
Avesnes, D'6 of Aquitaine131Agatha1Aldane1
Avranches, d'4 of Bavaria12Agder1Aldare1
Bishop1 of Boulogne1??2Agilolfinges2Aldaric1
Concubine1 of Brotherton2a concubine1Agilulfing1Aldborough2
Count2 of Brunswick, Marquis of Westfriesland1Aalgut1Aglie1Aldford2
Count of Toulouse2 of Burgandy1Abbetot, D'1Agnarsson1Alditheley4
Count of Vermandois1 of Burgundy3Abergavenny1Agnasson1--
Countess1 of England31Abitot, d'1Agnes5--
Countess of Mercia1 of Flanders1Abitot, de 1Agnes??1--
Countess of Northumberland1 of France9Abrincis1Agni1--