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Taboner1Tekla1Thurytel1Townley1Triergau, The 1
Taillebois2Thayer2Tibbetts42Townsend9Troyes, Of 2
Taillefer2Thomson1Toeni1Townsend Or De Townshende1Træhuggeren1
Talbot4Thored Gunnarsson1Toeni, De 11Townsend Or Tounsend1Tuscany, Of 2
Talvas1Thornhill4Torfulus, De 1Townsend Or Townshend1Tuttle1
Talvas, De 3Thouras, De 5Totenias, De 2Tracy, De 2Twombly10
Tamworth, Of 1Thrandsdatter1Totnias, De 1Trafford, De 1Tylly2
Tancred1Threkwitigau, the 1Toulouse, De 6Tregoz, De 6Tyseherst, De 2
Tatton1Thrond1Toulouse, Of 5Treves, De 1--
Teachtmar1Thuringia, Of 3Tours, Of 3Trier, Of 1--