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Lackie1Lemaster1Loos, von 1Lord FitzWalter2Lord Stainton1
Lacy, de 8Lena1Lorance2Lord Flamstead2Lord Teckhill1
Lady of Mercia1Lenny1Lord Allerdale & Carlisle1Lord Folkingham1Lord Tegaingl1
Lady of Skipwith1Lenoir1Lord Alnwick & Malton1Lord Galloway4Lord Thomond1
Laird1Lens, de 1Lord Alost1Lord Garlende & Livry1Lord Thoringni & Tewkesbury1
Lakey1Lenzburg, von 1Lord Annandale1Lord Giffard1Lord Tre-Cantlow1
LaMarr1León, de 3Lord Arundel1Lord Glamorgan & Cruelly1Lord Trim1
Lamb2Leonard1Lord Ashby & Tong1Lord Glanville1Lord Westmeath2
Lamberth1Lesley1Lord Balidoon1Lord Grandeson1Lord Westmorland1
Lancaster, de 1Lett5Lord Barnstable1Lord Greystoke1Lord Witheringe1
Lancastria, de 1Leveland1Lord Basset of Drayton5Lord Haselwood1Lord Wooton Basset1
Landis2Levi, Sr. Reece1Lord Basset of Weldon6Lord Hastings7Lord Zouche1
Lands1Lewis70Lord Basset of Wycombe2Lord Hedington1Lorraine, de 12
Lane6Lightfoot5Lord Belvoir3Lord Hinckley1Lotspeich1
Laney11Ligulf1Lord Berkeley3Lord Horsley1Lott2
Langetot, de 1Limburg, von 1Lord Biseth1Lord Kidwillyin2Loudin2
Lanvalle, de 1Limoges, de 1Lord Bradenham1Lord Kingsdowne1Louvain, de 4
Lanvallel, de 3Lincoln1Lord Bramber3Lord Kirtling1Louvaine, de 2
Larremore4Lindsay2Lord Brecknock1Lord la Marche1Love2
Latane2Linn3Lord Brimsfield2Lord Leuchars2Lovelady2
Lattimore2Lisoures, de 3Lord Bromholm & Bacton2Lord Maltravers2Lowrance1
Laura1Liston1Lord Buckley1Lord Martock1Lowrey3
Lavada1Little1Lord Burghersh2Lord Meath4Lowry1
Laval, de 1Littleton1Lord Bychan1Lord Mendlesham1Lubech, of 1
Law1Livingston1Lord Caenby1Lord Montgomery1Lucy, de 8
Lawrence1Liz, St. 2Lord Cardinand1Lord Monthermer1Luman1
Lawson3Lloyd7Lord Clare1Lord Moulenford1Lumpkins1
Lawton3Locket1Lord Clun1Lord Nottingham2Lunsford1
Layne2Lockett1Lord Copeland1Lord of Isles2Lusignan, de 3
Leach3Lockhart4Lord Coupland1Lord Palatine of Meath1Lutegareshale, de 1
Leckie1Lomax1Lord Despenser1Lord Parham1Luxemburg, de 5
Lee54Londoniis, de 1Lord Dinan1Lord Pembroke1Lyde1
Leedom1Londres, de 3Lord Duffryn1Lord Plaiz1Lyles2
Lefebvre2Long2Lord Dyvet1Lord Pontefract3Lymbry1
Leham, de 1Longespée4Lord Egremont1Lord Redcastle1Lynn2
Leigh1Longmire1Lord Escalfoy & Montrevil1Lord Rhos1Lyon11
Leigh, de 3Longoria3Lord Ewias1Lord Richmond1Lyons4
LeJune1Longwy, de 1Lord Falmouth1Lord Scales2Lytle1