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NameBorn/ BaptizedDied/ Buried
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woman UNKNOWN, Abalit & Obed ben Boaz
woman UNKNOWN, Abijah, Of Judah 1st & Ahaz UNKNOWN, Of Judah, 2nd & Ahab ben Azariah, Of Judah* ‎ 755 BC* Jerusalem,Judah,South Kingdom
man UNKNOWN, Abijam, Of Judah & Moachah UNKNOWN, Of Judah
man UNKNOWN, Achalas, Of Argyllshire & N.N.* ‎ 764* Argylshire,Scotland† ‎ 819† Argylshire,Scotland
woman UNKNOWN, Ada, Of Italy X Willem II VAN EGMOND, Heer* ‎ 1239* Milano,Milano,Italy† ‎ Jan 20, 1297† Egmond-Binnen,Noord-Holland,Netherlands
man UNKNOWN, Adaiah, Of Boscath & N.N.* Boscath,Zebulum,North Kingdom
man UNKNOWN, Adalbert II, in Saargau X N.N.* ‎± 1005* Saargau,Bavaria,Germany† ‎ 1033† Saargau,Bavaria,Germany
woman UNKNOWN, Adatoneses Bint Eliakim & Japheth Ben Noah* Shulon,East Eden† Salem,Cannan
man UNKNOWN, Agnan Fionn, Of Gothia & N.N.* ‎ BC* Gothland,Spain† Gothland,Spain
woman Unknown, Agnes & Unknown Robinson* ‎ 1593* Barton St. David,Somerset,Engkand
man UNKNOWN, Agnon, Of The Caspian Sea & N.N.* ‎ 1369 BC* Crete† Crete
man UNKNOWN, Ahaz, Of Judah & Abijah UNKNOWN, Of Judah* ‎ 755 BC* Jerusalem,Judah,South Kingdom† ‎ B.C. 726
man UNKNOWN, Ahaziah, Of Judah & Zibiah Of Beersheba, Of Judah* ‎ B.C. 906† ‎ B.C. 885
man UNKNOWN, Akenkheres, Of Egypt & Marytaten UNKNOWN, Of Egypt* ‎ 1362 BC* Egypt† Egypt
man UNKNOWN, Alba, King Of Scotland & N.N.* ‎ 088* Alba,Scotland† Alba,Scotland
man UNKNOWN, Alladh, Of Gothia & N.N.* ‎ 1115 BC* Gothland,Spain† ‎before 100† Gothland,Spain
woman Unknown, Alpina & John (Eoin) MacGregor* ‎ 952* Scotland† ‎ 977† Scotland
man UNKNOWN, Amaziah, Of Judah & Jecoliah Of Jerusalem, Of Judah* ‎ B.C. 864† ‎ B.C. 810
man UNKNOWN, Amon, Of Judah & Jedidah UNKNOWN, Of Judah* ‎ 691 BC* Jerusalem,Judah,South Kingdom† ‎ B.C. 641
woman UNKNOWN, Amy & Barnabas Woolbright
man Unknown, Angus Aenus & N.N.* Scotland† Scotland
woman UNKNOWN, Anne & David La Paze
woman Unknown, Anne & David La Paze* ‎± 1590
man UNKNOWN, Aongus Tuirmbeach, Of Ireland & N.N.* ‎ 202 BC* Tara,Ireland† Tara,Ireland
man UNKNOWN, Arcadh, Of Gothia, Lord Of Gothland & N.N.* ‎ BC* Gothland,Spain† ‎before 100† Gothland,Spain
woman UNKNOWN, Arthwys verch Ceneu & Dyfnwal Hen UNKNOWN, Dunbarton Of Strathclyde* ‎± 458* Scotland† Scotland
man UNKNOWN, Asa, Of Judah & Azubuh UNKNOWN, Of Judah
man UNKNOWN, Asruth, Of The Red Sea & N.N.* ‎ 1905 BC* Egypt† Egypt
woman UNKNOWN, Athaliah, Of Judah 1st & Jehoram ben Jehosaphat, Of Judah, 2nd & Jehoram UNKNOWN, Of Judah
man UNKNOWN, Audoenus, in Saargau & N.N.* ‎± 980* Saargau,Bavaria,Germany