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NameBorn/ BaptizedDied/ Buried
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woman FRANCE, Adbelahide Havoise Princess Of & Renaud I de Nevers
woman France, Adbelhaide Queen Of X Louis II "The Stammerer" King of France* ‎between 855 and 860* Paris, France† ‎± Oct 18, 900
woman France, Adele (Adele\Aelis) of & I, King of France Robert
woman France, Adele (Alix) Princess Of X Baudouin V Count Of Flanders* ‎ 1009* France† ‎ 1079† Monastere De L'Ordre De St. Benoist, Messines, France
woman France, Adele Princess Of X Baudouin V Count Of Flanders* ‎ 1009* France† ‎ 1079† Monastere De L'Ordre De Sr Benoist, Messines, France
woman France, Adelisa Of X Baldwin V Count Of Flanders* ‎estimated WFT 977-1003* France† ‎estimated WFT 1034-1095
woman France, Adwige Princess Of X Rainer IV Count Of Hainault* ‎± 972* France† ‎after 1013
woman France, Aelis of, Princess, France & Robert I King Of France† ‎before 890
woman France, Alix Countess Of Savoy Queen Of X Louis VI King Of France* ‎± 1092* Savoie, France† ‎ Nov 18, 1154[] Montmarte Abbey, France
woman France, Alix Princess Of X Guillaume III Count Of Ponthieu* ‎± 1170* France† ‎ 1221
woman France, Aupals Countess Of X Begue Count Of Paris France* ‎± 770† ‎estimated WFT 799-864
man France, Begue Count Of Paris X Aupals Countess Of France* ‎± 770† ‎± 816
woman FRANCE, Berswinde [Bersvinda] Of X Eticho I Duke Of ALSACE* ‎ 649* Metz, Austrasia, France† ‎between 675 and 730
woman France, Bertha Countess Of Holland Queen Of X Philippe I King Of France* ‎± 1054* Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands† ‎ 1094† Montreuil-sur-Loir, Maine-et-Lore, France
woman France, Bertrade De Montfort Queen Of 1st X Philippe I King Of France, 2nd X Foulques IV Count Of Anjou* ‎± 1059* Monfort, Eure, France† ‎ Feb 14, 1116/17† Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, France
man France, Charlemagne King Of, THE GREAT X Hildegard Countess Of Vinzgau* ‎ Apr 2, 742* Hesse, Germany† ‎ Jan 28, 813/14† Aschen, Prussia
man France, Charles II King Of, THE BALD X Ermentrude Or France* ‎ Jun 13, 823* Frankfurt, Prussia† ‎ Oct 6, 877† Brios, France
man France, Charles III King of X Eadgifu of England* ‎ Sep 17, 879* France† ‎ Oct 7, 929† Pberonne, Austrasia
man France, Clodion "Le Chevelu' [King Of X Basina [Princess Of Thuringians* ‎ 395* Old Saxony, Germany† ‎ 449† Nord, France
woman France, Constance De Toulouse Queen of X Robert II (Pious) (The Good) King of France* ‎± 974* of Toulouse, France† ‎ Jul 25, 1032† Melun
woman France, Constance Princess of X I, Prince of Antioch Bohemond* ‎ 1078† ‎ 1125
woman FRANCE, Cunegonde de & Guillaume I Saint de GELLONE* ‎ 781† ‎ 804
man France, Ega of & Gerberga Of FRANCONIA* ‎± 560* France
woman France, Engelton Countess Of Paris X Humroch Margrave Count Of Friuli* ‎± 795† ‎estimated WFT 819-889
man France, Erchembaldus of & Leudefindis UNKNOWN* ‎± 590* France† ‎± 620
woman France, Ermengarde Of & N.N.* ‎estimated WFT 868-880† ‎estimated WFT 873-970
woman France, Ermentrude Or X Charles II King Of France, THE BALD* ‎ 825* Orleans, France† ‎ Oct 8, 869
man France, Henri I King Of X Anna Agnesa Yaroslavna Grand Duchess Of Kiev* ‎ 1006* Reims, France† ‎ Aug 4, 1060† Vitry, Brie, France
man FRANCE, HENRY I OF & ANNA AGNESA YAROSLAVNA KIEV* ‎ Apr 1008† ‎ Aug 4, 1060† Vitry-en-Brie, France

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