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NameBorn/ BaptizedDied/ Buried
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woman UNKNOWN, Aba (Bava) & Hugh Le Méfiant* ‎± 779† ‎after 837
woman UNKNOWN, Abigail & Nicholas Follett
woman UNKNOWN, Abreda & Guy De St Valerie
woman UNKNOWN, Acha Of Diera & Ethelfrith UNKNOWN, Of Bernicia
man UNKNOWN, Achiulf & N.N.
man UNKNOWN, Adalbert & Gerlindis UNKNOWN† ‎ 722
man UNKNOWN, Adalbert & Judith von Oeningen* ‎± 940† ‎± 1033
man UNKNOWN, Adalbert & Luitgarde Of Trier, Of Luxemburg† ‎ 944
man UNKNOWN, Adalbert 1st, Of Lucca & Anonsauara UNKNOWN* ‎± 846† ‎after Mar 27, 884
man UNKNOWN, Adalbert 2nd X Bertha Of Lorraine† ‎ Aug 10, 915
man UNKNOWN, Adalbert 2nd, Of Italy & Gerberga Of Macon* ‎± 947† ‎ 972
man UNKNOWN, Adalbert of Ivrea, Turin Italy X Gisela of Friuli UNKNOWN† ‎ 923
woman UNKNOWN, Adela, De France 1st & Richard 3rd Of Normandy, 2nd X Baldwin 5th Of Flanders* ‎ 1009* France† ‎ Jan 8, 1079† Messinesmonastre,France
man UNKNOWN, Adela & N.N.
woman UNKNOWN, Adela & De Blois UNKNOWN* ‎± 680
woman UNKNOWN, Adelaide 1st & Nocher 1st UNKNOWN, 2nd & Guy De Vermandois* ‎± 950* Soissons,Aisneons,France
woman UNKNOWN, Adelaide & Conrad 1st UNKNOWN* ‎± 819
woman UNKNOWN, Adelaide & Armengol Of Toulouse, Of Rouergue* ‎ 880
woman UNKNOWN, Adelaide of Alsace and Tours X Rutpert III of Wormsgau and the Upper Rhine UNKNOWN* ‎± 819† ‎± 866
woman UNKNOWN, Adelaide Of Paris X Louis 2nd UNKNOWN, Of France* ‎ 855/860† ‎ Oct 18, 900
man UNKNOWN, Adelbert 3rd & N.N.* ‎after 900† ‎ 950/960
woman UNKNOWN, Adele & Gautier Walter UNKNOWN* ‎ 924* Anjou,France
woman UNKNOWN, Adele & Raoul 3rd UNKNOWN, Of Valois, Vexin, Montdidier* ‎ 1053
woman UNKNOWN, Adelheid X Otto 1st UNKNOWN
man UNKNOWN, Adelheim & N.N.† ‎after 764
woman UNKNOWN, Adelindis 1st & Guerin UNKNOWN, in the Thurgovie, 2nd & Guerin UNKNOWN, in the Thurgovie
woman UNKNOWN, Adeline & William Peverell* ‎± 1054* England† ‎ Jan 19, 1119/1120† England
woman UNKNOWN, Adeliz & William 1st De Mohun
man UNKNOWN, Admoir & N.N.
man UNKNOWN, Adulphus & N.N.* ‎± 420* Black Sea Area of Europe