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man Egypt, Akhenaton Pharaoh of "Amenhotep IV" & Nefertiti† Abt. 1336 BC
man Egypt, Amenhotep III Pharaoh of & Tiy of Egypt† Abt. 1344 BC
man Egypt, Apries (Wahibre Haaibre) of & N.N.* Abt. 595 BC† Abt. 570 BC
woman Egypt, Arsinoe III of & Philopater Ptolemy IV King of Egypt
man Egypt, Bakenranef Wah Ka Re' King of & N.N.* Abt. 750 BC† Abt. 715 BC
woman Egypt, Cleopatra II Epiphanes of & Philometer Ptolemy VI
woman Egypt, Cleopatra III of & Euergetes II Ptolemy VIII
man Egypt, Euergetes Ptolemy III King of & Berenike II of Cyrene* Abt. 282 BC Egypt† Abt. 222 BC
man Egypt, Harsiese Pharaoh of, Priest of Amun; Pharoah & N.N. PRIVACY FILTER
woman Egypt, Henttawy of & Pinudjem I of Egypt
woman Egypt, Maat 'Ka Re' of & Osorkon I Pharaoh of Egypt PRIVACY FILTER
man Egypt, Necho II (Wehemibre) King of & Chedebnitjerbone* Abt. 660 BC† Abt. 595 BC
woman Egypt, Neithiyti of & Cyrus II 'The Great' King of Persia PRIVACY FILTER
man Egypt, Osorkon I Pharaoh of & Maat 'Ka Re' of Egypt* Abt. 955 BC† Abt. 889 BC
man Egypt, Osorkon II Of & Karomama* Abt. 905 BC† Abt. 850 BC
man Egypt, Philopater Ptolemy IV King of & Arsinoe III of Egypt* Abt. 244 BC† Abt. 204 BC
man Egypt, Pinudjem I of & Henttawy of Egypt
man Egypt, Psamtek I (Wahibre) King of & Mehetenweskhet of Heliopolis* Abt. 684 BC† Abt. 610 BC
man Egypt, Psamtek II (Neferibre) King of & Takhuat of Athribis* Abt. 625 BC† Abt. 589 BC
man Egypt, Ramses I Pharaoh of & Sitre of Egypt* Abt. 1345 BC† Abt. 1294 BC
man Egypt, Ramses II of Pharaoh of & Maetnefrure of Princess of Khatti* Abt. 1302 BC† Abt. 1213 BC
man Egypt, Ramses III Pharaoh of & N.N.* Abt. 1217 BC† Abt. 1151 BC
man Egypt, Ramses IX Pharaoh of & Baktwernel* Abt. 1160 BC† Abt. 1108 BC
man Egypt, Ramses VI Pharaoh of & Takhat* Abt. 1185 BC† Abt. 1136 BC
man Egypt, Ramses X Pharaoh of & Tiye* Abt. 1137 BC† Abt. 1099 BC
man Egypt, Ramses XI Pharaoh of & Tenamum* Abt. 1110 BC† Abt. 1069 BC
man Egypt, Setakht of & Tiye-Mereniset of Egypt* Abt. 1240 BC† Abt. 1184 BC
man Egypt, Seti I Pharaoh of & Tuya of Egypt* Abt. 1323 BC† Abt. 1279 BC
woman Egypt, Sitre of & Ramses I Pharaoh of Egypt
man Egypt, Soter 'Saviour' Ptolemy I King of X Berenike I of Macedonia* Abt 330 BC in Macedonia† Abt. 283 BC in Alexandria, Egypt

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