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NameBorn/ BaptizedDied/ Buried
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man Warren, Albert
man Warren, Albert
man Warren, Albert
man Warren, Albert J. "or I." * ‎ 1847
man Warren, Alexander J. "Bill" X Estelle Margaret Riley* ‎ Mar 20, 1922* Cleaton, Kentucky† ‎ Nov 23, 1996† 812 Tokay Lane, Covington, Kentucky
man Warren, Alexander Lusk X Mayme Francis Wilson* ‎ Jul 21, 1900* Pittsburg, Kentucky† ‎ Jul 23, 1958† Covington, Kentucky
woman Warren, Alice de & Edmund Fitz-Alan
woman Warren, Almira
man Warren, Amos X Susan Dekle* ‎ 1777* Onslow County, North Carolina
man Warren, Andrew Thomas
woman Warren, Ann * ‎before BEF. 1557* Poynton, Cheshire, England† Died young
woman Warren, Ann & Robert Downes, Esq.* ‎ 1569
woman Warren, Ann
woman Warren, Ann & George Kighley, Esq* ‎± ABT. 1505* Poynton, Cheshire, England
woman Warren, Ann & John Taylor
woman Warren, Anna & Mason Warren† ‎after Nov AFT., 1859
woman Warren, Anne * ‎ 1597* Poynton, Cheshire, England
woman Warren, Anne * ‎ 1818* Halifax Co., Virginia
woman Warren, Annie † died in her youth
woman Warren, Annis & Joseph J. Jones
man Warren, Arthur Dewey & Eva Petrey* ‎± 26 ABT., Feb
man Warren, Arthur M.
man Warren, Bassett & Ellen Reed* ‎ 1869* Laurel County, Kentucky† ‎± ABT. 1942[] Pineville, Kentucky
man Warren, Bassett X Mahala Long* ‎ 1817* Halifax Co., Virginia† ‎after AFT. 1869† Laurel County, Kentucky
man Warren, Benjamin 1st & Betsy Suggen, 2nd X Sarah Sally Dillard* ‎± ABT. 1760* Amherst Co., VA.† ‎ Jul 20, 1813† Pulaski Co., Kentucky
man Warren, Bobby J.F. & Delores Diane Hamilton* ‎ Sep 12, 1940* Covington, Kentucky† ‎ 1997† Warsaw, Kentucky
man Warren, Burris X Lucinda Efurd* ‎ Jul 21, 1788* Edgefield Co SC† ‎ Nov 21, 1845† Barbour Co AL
man Warren, Burwell † ‎after 18 AFT., Nov
man Warren, Calvin * ‎ 1837
man Warren, Carl T.