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woman Thornton, ? X Reuben Taylor* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1752-1788† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1773-1846
woman Thornton, ? X Charles Gibbs* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1805-1828† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1821-1899
unknown Thornton, ? * ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1832-1859† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1833-1926
unknown Thornton, ? * ‎ Sep 1806* SPOTSYLVANIA VA† ‎ Sep 1806
woman Thornton, Adaline S. X George R. Turberville* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1846-1866† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1884-1941
man Thornton, Addison F. X Mary A.* ‎± ABT. 1808* CAROLINE VA† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1855-1900
man Thornton, Addison W. 1st X N.N., 2nd X Lucy D. Cowherd* ‎ 1834* GREENE KY† ‎after AFT. 1880
unknown Thornton, Adoniram J. * ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1813-1842* JOHNSON MO† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1814-1907
man Thornton, Albert X Sallie F.* ‎ 1833* CAROLINE VA† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1858-1924
man Thornton, Albert Edwards X Lelia Austell* ‎ Apr 2, 1853* LaGrange TROUP GA† ‎ Apr 2, 1907† Atlanta GA
man Thornton, Albert R. * ‎ 1844* McMINN TN† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1845-1934
man Thornton, Alexander B. * ‎ Jan 1881* HENRICO VA† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1882-1971
man Thornton, Alexander Cunningham * ‎ 1842* AL† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1843-1932
man Thornton, Alfred A. * ‎ 1867* KY† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1868-1957
man Thornton, Alfred A. * ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1874-1901† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1875-1964
man Thornton, Alfred Augustine X Delia S. Forbes* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1780-1836* VA† ‎ 1869† KY
woman Thornton, Alice X Presley Thornton, Capt.* ‎ 1759* KING GEORGE VA† ‎ Nov 12, 1811
woman Thornton, Alice * ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1796-1822* CAROLINE VA† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1797-1890
woman Thornton, Alice * ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1778-1805† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1779-1872
woman Thornton, Alice * ‎± ABT. 1823* JEFFERSON KY† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1824-1917
woman Thornton, Alice 1st X Lawrence Catlett, 2nd X James Taylor III(Bloomsbury), Col.* ‎ 1707* CAROLINE VA† ‎ 1739
woman Thornton, Alice A. * ‎ Sep 1889* Richmond NORFOLK VA† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1890-1983
woman Thornton, Alice Catlett X John Fitzhugh(Bellair)* ‎ Aug 21, 1729* VA† ‎ Mar 5, 1795
woman Thornton, Alice Elizabeth X John C. Lewis* ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1822-1842† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1838-1916
woman Thornton, Alice Presley * ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1795-1824† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1796-1889
woman Thornton, Alva * ‎ 1880* GREEN KY† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1881-1974
woman Thornton, Angelina * ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1813-1842* JOHNSON MO† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1814-1907
woman Thornton, Ann X Edward Eastham* ‎ Mar 5, 1779* CAROLINE VA† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1804-1873
woman Thornton, Ann * ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1779-1807† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1780-1873
woman Thornton, Ann Elizabeth X Dr. ? Fitzhugh* ‎± ABT. 1817* OLDHAM KY† ‎estimated EST. WFT, 1831-1911